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SecurPassword – Self-Service Password Reset Solution

SecurPassword allows users to leverage their
existing personal devices to prove their identity
and reset their domain password in real-time.

Easy self-service password reset for users.
Reduced helpdesk calls and costs.

Resolving Password Issues,
Quickly and Securely

With more and more online applications, users are increasingly expected to
remember large numbers of passwords and change them on a regular basis.
Passwords can be troublesome, irritating and time consuming. When easily
forgotten, users can find themselves locked out of their account placing the
burden on the IT helpdesk to securely identify the user and deal with the

SecurPassword self-service password reset is a core feature of the Multi-Factor Authentication Platform.

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Self-Service Password Reset

Putting the User in Control with
Self-Service Password Reset

SecurPassword is a self-service, two-factor authentication process which
enables users to strongly authenticate and reset their Windows password
without involving the helpdesk.

Helpdesk calls and costs are reduced, while
users resolve their password issues quickly,
easily and securely.

Self-Service Password Reset

Simple to Use Tokenless Authentication for Self-service Password Reset



SecurPassword Tokenless® two-factor
authentication allows users to make use
of their existing personal devices, such as
mobile phones and laptops, to prove their
identity and reset their domain password.


During the reset process, a series of
pre-determined secret questions are
asked so that users can prove their
identity. Alternatively, their identity is
verified by supplying their employee
number or other information stored
within the existing user repository.


Once authentication is complete, the user
is prompted to enter their new password,
which complies with the organisation’s
password policy, and SecurPassword
then resets the password in real-time.

SecurPassword Authentication

SecurPassword Multi-factor Authentication Options

SMS: Pre-Load, Real-Time Flash, 3 Codes or Periodic
Smart Phone Soft Token: Android or IOS
Desktop Soft Token: PC or Mac
Voice Call: Mobile or Landline
Email: Pre-Load, Real-Time, 3 Codes or Periodic

Self-service Password Reset


Elegantly Simple to Deploy
to Thousands of Users

We believe the login process should be as simple as possible and that thousands of users can be deployed at the click of a button, while maintaining strong security. End-to-end automation enables automated alerts to be sent to users for self-service password resets, password expiration and validation.

Our design leverages existing infrastructure such as Active Directory as the central database to create simple and elegant multi-factor authentication solutions.

Rapid Rollout to Your Employees
or Customer Base

With no software to deploy to the end user, SMS allows a
rapid deployment to your user base. Any mobile device or
phone that can receive an SMS message is supported. This
approach expands the range of users to include not only
internal staff but also third-parties and even consumers. Your
entire business or emergency network can be deployed

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As the original inventors of Tokenless® authentication,
at SecurEnvoy we are continuing to design innovative solutions
that take advantage of users’ personal devices.
We can resolve issues such as SMS delays, no phone signal
or synchronisation problems.

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