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How to tackle insider threats

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Why MFA is Important for BYOD Security

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Remote working security, data breaches and the need for employee education.

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Top tips for secure remote working

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Security Fridays: Week 16

Business’ approach to data security post Covid-19 As we approach the fall of 2020, we hear news of a possible […]

Security Fridays: Week 14

Covid-19, Remote Education, and Ransomware The combination of challenges that we have all been working through since the beginning of […]

SecurEnvoy article published in Computing Security Magazine

SecurEnvoy, a Shearwater Group plc company, is excited to announce that an article jointly written by Phil Underwood, our CIO […]

Securing the user’s identity at a critical time!

With the growing outbreak of Coronavirus there is a rising need for remote working, now more than previously expected. Most […]

SecurICE: One way to ensure Coronavirus does not interrupt your business

Coronavirus. It’s probably the first thing you hear about in the news on a daily basis now. With the number […]