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Access management solution

Access Management Challenges

Businesses around the world, from SMEs to global brands are facing increasing volumes of security threats and data breaches. The pressure is on for IT departments to be able to provide users with simple, effective access to applications, wherever they may be working or are located, on any device, while still protecting sensitive data and vital business assets from unauthorised access. They must also ensure they meet compliance requirements and mitigate the risks of unauthorised access.

Streamlining access and improving security

SecurEnvoy’s Access Management Solution meets the challenge of managing user access across a wide range of systems and applications. The first step in your zero-trust approach to security. SecurEnvoy’s Access Management Solution ensures that only authorised users have access to the information they need, when they need it.

SecurEnvoy’s Access Management Solution will:

  • Streamline access to applications by users regardless of device or location
  • Secure employee, partner and customer data easily through a single platform
  • Enable you to grant and revoke access when needed ensuring data compliance
  • Reduce administration overheads from helpdesk calls and password reset requests
  • Improve productivity for users and IT staff and reduce resource time and costs
  • Mitigate risk of unauthorised access and aid regulatory compliance

Access management solution

Simple, flexible deployment and integration to suit any business


SecurEnvoy’s Access Management Solution can be deployed across a range of scenarios to suit any business:

  • Public SaaS solution, direct from SecurEnvoy
  • Managed Service Provider model through your chosen specialist integrator
  • On-premise solution within your data centre
  • Via your own private cloud

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Deployment of Access Management Solution

SecurEnvoy’s Access Management Solution - key features


Access management solution features

  • Centralised Control and Access
  • Universal Directory
  • SSO
  • Application Integration
  • Dynamic Application On-Boarding
  • Legacy Applications
  • Authentication for a Range of Scenarios
  • Conditional Access
  • Authentication Options
  • Passwordless
  • Advanced Location Capability
  • Easy Administration, Reporting and Customisation
  • Self-Service Password Reset
  • User Access Reporting
  • Customisation
  • Multi-Language Support

Universal Directory

The SecurEnvoy Universal Directory (UD) is central to our Access Management Solution, storing and managing user identities across multiple systems, applications and services. User identities are unified across the entire infrastructure to provide a single reliable source of truth which simplifies identity management across multiple systems and applications

Scalable and flexible, you can add and remove user repositories and directories as needed which:

  • Reduces administration costs
  • Improves efficiency for users and administrators

Universal Directory

Simple user access with Single Sign-On and Dynamic Application Onboarding


Single-sign on

Simple User Access
Single Sign-on – quick and easy logon for users to access all the applications they need to do their job anywhere, whether working remotely via web and mobile, or in the office.

Straightforward security control for the IT team
View, control and secure user access from a central point to ensure only the right user has access to applications at the right time and reduce the risk of phishing.

Dynamically onboard new applications
New applications can be integrated quickly, reducing the burden and cost of manual provisioning, and policies created to ensure that only specific applications are included in SSO.

Securing Legacy Applications

For a complete solution across your business, SecurEnvoy’s Access Management Solution provides integration and additional security for legacy applications using RADIUS authentication.


Desktop Services

Control access with MFA for Desktops

Securing legacy applications

MFA applied at login before any resources are accessed.

Perimeter Security

Secure “all user” access at the perimeter.

Securing legacy applications

MFA for traditional VPNs or more advanced remote access methods for security at the perimeter.

IIS Web Servers

Achieve compliance by securing “all user” access to IIS web applications.

Securing legacy applications

IIS-based web applications can be safeguarded using SecurEnvoy MFA and SecurEnvoy IIS Server Agent.

Conditional Access

Using SecurEnvoy’s Access Management Solution is the first step in your zero-trust strategy – limiting access to only those users (employees, partners and customers) that need it.

Policies can be created to provide access based on the conditional access signals such as the user’s role and security level, the device they are using, the application being accessed, when it is being accessed and their location.

Access permissions can be changed and new employees onboarded quickly to specific applications.

Conditional Access

Wide range of authentication options including Passwordless


Select the most suitable authentication method for different types of users, specific use cases and security levels from a wide range of options that are fast to deploy and easy to manage.

Passwordless Authentication

Passwordless authentication is becoming increasingly popular with businesses of all sizes looking to improve security and compliance, along with improving the user experience and reducing help desk costs. With SecurEnvoy you have the flexibility to choose passwordless solutions, such as biometrics or hardware tokens across a variety of platforms and devices.

Learn more about our passwordless authentication solutions >

Access management authentication options

Advanced location-based authentication and insights


With SecurEnvoy’s Access Management Solution add
location-based authentication to:

  • Provide additional levels of security and safe zones
  • Meet industry compliance as required
  • Assist with identity fraud protection

Location-based authentication

Creating Safe Zones
Location-based authentication, is often also referred to as “geo-fencing” as it enables you to control from where your users are allowed to access critical applications and resources.

With more and more remote working, creating explicit safe zones where users can work via location services can help reduce the risk of data breaches and other security incidents.

Ensuring Data Sovereignty
Assured locations can also be used to ensure data compliance and sovereignty by determining whether the user is located within a specific country.

Self-service Password Reset (SSPR)

Reduce the amount of password reset calls to helpdesk with self-service password reset (SSPR).

Users can quickly and easily update their password for single sign-on access to their authorised applications.

Self-service password reset

User Access Reporting

Comprehensive reports can be generated to give a complete audit trail of access to applications – giving a centralised view of who is accessing particular systems at any time.

User access reporting


Customise the interface themes to match your company or organisation branding colours and add logos to maximise workforce familiarity.

Languages available:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish

Access management solution customisation

SecurEnvoy led the way with MFA tools. Today, our integrated Access Management Solution is easy to implement and provides an intuitive and friendly
end-user experience.

An Access Management Solution created by the experts, fit for the challenges of today and the future.

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