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Passwordless Authentication Solutions

Are you tired of the hassle and security risks associated with passwords? Say goodbye to the era of forgotten passwords, password resets, and compromised accounts. Our innovative Passwordless Authentication solutions revolutionise the way users access accounts with a secure and seamless login experience.

Password authentication challenges and limitations

Traditional password authentication methods pose significant challenges and limitations that hinder security and the user’s experience. Users attempt to make the login process easier, by reusing passwords or using weak passwords, which can then lead to security challenges, such as brute force attacks using stolen passwords and phishing attempts. These security risks create an additional administrative burden for IT staff along with the everyday password resets and account lockouts they need to handle.

Password authentication challenges



Passwordless security

  • Weak Passwords
  • Password Reuse
  • Phishing and Social Engineering

User Experience

Passwordless security

  • User Friction
  • Multiple Logins


Passwordless security

  • Password Resets
  • Account Lockouts

Enhanced security and convenience with passwordless authentication

With Passwordless Authentication, you can enjoy the benefits of enhanced security and convenience without the need for traditional passwords. Passwordless authentication solutions use biometric authentication methods (fingerprint and facial recognition), hardware tokens or mobile push notifications to secure access to applications.

Users experience a smoother login process. Administrators are able to bid farewell to the frustrations of handling password resets and account lockouts. Threats such as phishing or brute-force attacks which are often caused by stolen or weak passwords and password reuse are eliminated.

Smoother Login with Passwordless Authentication
Passwordless Authentication Solutions

User login attempt

User Login


Biometrics, Hardware Tokens,
Mobile Push Notifications

Access Granted


The Power of Passwordless Authentication Solutions


Strong Security

Strong Security

Elimination of security threats
from weak passwords

Better User Experience

Better User Experience

Smoother login experience and
increased productivity

Reduced Administration

Reduced Administration

Reduced password-related
admin, better resource
utilisation, reduced IT costs

How Passwordless Authentication works

Passwordless Authentication eliminates the use of traditional passwords and uses passkeys to authenticate user logins to applications. Passkeys are made up of two cryptographic keys; a private key that is secret and stored on the user’s device and a public key that is stored on the application server.

The FIDO2 (Fast IDentity Online) key on a mobile phone, for example, combines authentication factors, such as possession of the smartphone, with an inherence factor, such as fingerprint or facial recognition, to authenticate the user.

Here is an example of a FIDO Authentication using SecurEnvoy:

  1. A WebAuthn sign in request is sent from SecurEnvoy to Client/Browser with a sign-in challenge.
  2. The WebAuthn sign in request is verified and attested on the local FIDO2 Authenticator using the Client-To-Authenticator Protocol v2 (CTAP2).
  3. The sign in challenge is signed by the private key and is sent back to the Client/Browser, using CTAP2.
  4. The client/browser completes the WebAuthn sign in request by sending the signed registration challenge back to SecurEnvoy. If the signature check against the sign in challenge using the public key is OK, then the user is signed in successfully.

SecurEnvoy Access Management – FIDO2 Authentication

FIDO2 Authentication