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Powerful Identity and Access Management combined with deep Data Loss Prevention

Delivering verifiable trust in every action performed with your data.

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Tokenless Two-Factor Authentication

Securing Identities, Access, Devices and Data Globally


Our simple but effective approach to securing identities, access, devices and data globally maximises protection and defence of vital business assets. Powerful Identity and Access Management combined with deep Data Loss Prevention brought together under the SecureIdentity & Protection Suite.

SecureIdentity Suite

Verifiable Trust and Protection
of Identities, Data and Devices

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) >
Flexible and highly customisable on-premise and cloud MFA. You decide on the platforms, devices, authentication methods and user provisioning to adapt to your needs. Serious Multi-factor Authentication from the MFA innovators.

Data Discovery Essentials (DDE) >
Discover confidential and sensitive information wherever it resides. Automated and easy to use across applications – on premise or in the cloud.

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Security solutions for business initiatives and industries


Our SecureIdentity Suite is designed to meet the business initiatives you are focused on. Learn how SecurEnvoy solutions offer you security and peace of mind.

Ever-changing security challenges


With the increasing volume of security threats, mounting compliance fines, alongside with the move to remote working and a challenging economic environment, the pressure on IT departments to provide effective protection has never been greater – or more critical. Combine this with a significant skills shortage in the sector, demand is growing for simple solutions that work.

Identity & Access Management

Complexity of Modern

Identity & Access Management

Growing Levels of
Sensitive Data

Identity & Access Management

Increasing, Evolving
Security Threats

Identity & Access Management

Remote Working /
Data Visibility

Identity & Access Management

Password Strength /
Password Fatigue

SecurEnvoy – Simple solutions that work


SecurEnvoy has been at the cutting-edge of innovation since 2003, originally leading the way in providing simple-to-implement Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) tools that enable organisations to be fluid but with protection.

Today we are applying those same principles through our SecureIdentity & Protection Suite. Solutions that are easy to implement, deliver extensive protection and provide an intuitive friendly end user experience. Created by the experts, fit for the challenges of today and the future.

Protection from Data Breaches

All-round protection
against breaches

Identify and ensure your data
remains safe. We can help
protect your business by
protecting the user, the data
and the device.

Speed Optimisation

Optimised for speed
and simplicity

Our solutions are optimised for
speed and simplicity, are
user-friendly, easy to manage,
and easy to adopt.

Rapid Deployment

Rapid deployment
at scale

Designed with speed and
efficiency of deployment at
scale in mind. Secure the most
sensitive information rapidly
using our trusted technology.

Comprehensive integration and compliance focus




As data regulations and fines become more and more rigorous, data management and protection is creating huge compliance headaches.

The SecureIdentity & Protection Suite can help you comply and keep your data safe, with simple, effective and painless solutions.

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Office 365

We partner with leading technology platforms and companies for complete security. Pre-built integrations with many popular business applications and solutions:

  • Cloud Platforms
  • VPN and Remote Access
  • Open APIs for developers
  • Remote Desktop
  • Web Applications

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SecurEnvoy Multi-Factor Authentication provides a brilliantly simple solution to a perennial IT problem. Our remote workers don’t have to remember extra passwords or codes and so there has been a very high level of user acceptance.

Tom Mann,
Infrastructure Manager

Finning CAT


It is easy to administrate, to set up new users and reliable



At such a challenging time, businesses like Wates are looking for flexibility from trusted suppliers to allow us to keep working as effectively as possible. SecurEnvoy has recognised the impact that this pandemic is having for people and companies alike and I have been impressed with how well they have responded.

Wates Group


We came to the conclusion that the features SecurEnvoy were offering fit very well with what we needed, it was easy to maintain and compatible with our current VPN solution

ProOffice Gruppen

One experienced team for your IAM and DLP deployment and support


Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

Average Score 4.8/5.0
80% never required support

The end user and project team are at the heart of our design.

Deployment wizards and scalable architecture ease implementation, supported by integrations and experienced
support staff, where needed.

Expertise to find the right solution for your organisation.

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