Verifiable trust in every activity you perform

Our SecureIdentity Platform is a suite of solutions that focuses on user experience and provides verifiable trust in every activity you perform. The suite of solutions together combine to offer an overall solution to protect the identity of the user, the data and the device.


SecureIdentity Suite

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Case Studies

Our Solutions are in use in industries as diverse as retail to healthcare to manufacturing. Learn how other leading companies, government organisations, and other entities are utilising SecurEnvoy for their security and peace of mind.


SecurEnvoy partners with leading technology platforms and companies to deliver the highest level of security and peace of mind. We have numerous pre-built integrations with many popular business applications and solutions. Read more about specific integrations or contact our technical team to discuss your specific needs.

Office 365


Authentication is essential in order to keep your data safe. With data regulations becoming more and more rigorous, data management and protection is creating huge compliance headaches. The SecureIdentity suite offers simple, effective and painless solutions.

Cyber Security Compliance

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