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Simple and quick sensitive data discovery for your digital estate

Data Discovery

Do you know where your sensitive data resides?

Organisations are finding it increasingly difficult to keep track of where sensitive data resides and assess the risk. SecurEnvoy Data Discovery is a highly automated data discovery solution for discovering confidential and sensitive information, on-premise or in the cloud. Providing comprehensive data visibility, it is simple and elegant to deploy and use. Ideal for conducting quick risk assessments across your entire digital estate including data held in the Atlassian Suite and supporting compliance processes including those governing banks. Data owners are alerted in real-time so they can take action to remediate any sensitive data issues immediately. Download Data Discovery brochure >

Understanding the importance of data discovery


What is data discovery?

Data discovery is the process of finding, collecting and consolidating data from multiple sources across the business. With massive growth in data distributed across applications and collaboration software, on-premise and in the cloud, and with more and more data held by employees outside of the workplace, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of sensitive data. Discovering what data you have and where it is held is the first step in ensuring that you are able to properly control and protect it. This is where data discovery solutions can help. By understanding where your data is, it is then possible to carry out data classification and put policies in place to control how your data will be used and protected.

What are the benefits of data discovery solutions?

Traditionally the process of data discovery was carried out manually, with data specialists identifying what data is available, where it is stored and pulling the specific data types required for the end user.  The advent of data discovery solutions has automated this process, eliminating the need for lengthy manual processes.  Data discovery solutions enable you to automatically discover data, extract it and prepare it for risk profiling or data migration. Data discovery solutions make it easy to identify data in different scenarios, including:
  • Data on-premise, in cloud applications, on endpoints, servers and network file shares
  • Structured and unstructured data types
  • Sensitive data in collaborative workplace software

Who should use data discovery solutions?

Data discovery solutions are suitable for small, medium and large enterprises in a range of different projects.  Consider data discovery solutions if you are looking to:
  • Understand and control the data you have in the cloud, as well as on-premise
  • Prepare data ready for cloud migration and digital transformation
  • Understand where your data is to better adhere to data privacy regulations and be able to respond quickly to subject access requests and avoid fines
  • Know where your sensitive data is to protect it against outsider and insider threats as well as data leaks through human error
  • Safeguard high-value information, such as patents, intellectual property, software code, and so on
Data Discovery Platform

Discover Data

  • Ready to go default pre-determined search patterns
  • Easily input bespoke search terms and ‘find files similar to’ function
  • User-defined rules with three simple clicks
  • Searches unstructured datasets stored in over 100+ formats (supports all mainstream file types)
Data Discovery Platform

Extract Data

  • Automatic data extraction to analyse data risk
  • Create user-friendly reports dynamically
  • Quickly collate dispersed data into a central data repository
  • Extract data to HTML, CSV, XLSX
Data Discovery Platform

Migrate Data

  • Discover and extract data ready for cloud migration
  • Identify any compliance issues before migrating
  • Keep cloud costs low and don’t pay for data you don’t need there

User self-remediation – continuous compliance and data security awareness

Data discovery
Once sensitive or confidential information is discovered across your systems, real time data alerts are sent to data owners for immediate action. Share your data security workload with data owners and reduce IT administration.

User self-remediation – how it works

With SecurEnvoy Data Discovery you can simply track sensitive data from the time it is created, through to modification and deletion.
  • Data users are automatically alerted to the discovery of sensitive data by email, in real time.
  • Users who understand the data and its context can check and remediate sensitive data themselves, becoming active members of the data security team.
  • Your staff are actively involved and constantly reminded of the importance of data protection.
Data discovery

A powerful data discovery platform for regulatory compliance


Data Discovery

Pre-defined search rules include GDPR, PCI, HIPAA

Automated and flexible search task options use pre-defined and bespoke rule sets. Complex queries are carried out using Compound Search Tasks.
It’s a challenge to manage, protect and secure the growing amount of sensitive information across the enterprise. You need to ensure regulatory compliance and reassure customers’ identity and data will not be compromised. SecurEnvoy Data Discovery discovers sensitive and high value data across multiple data repositories in a single platform:
  • Personally identifiable information (PII), payment card information (PCI), health records, HIPAA etc.
  • Ensure compliance with CCPA, GDPR and Sarbanes-Oxley Act
  • Enhance your opportunity to protect high value commercial information from internal and external security threats, including intellectual property (IP), patents, code and other knowhow.
Handling a DSAR request – Find out more >

Feature rich search and monitoring

SecurEnvoy Data Discovery gives you the power to create searches specifically tailored to your business’ data security requirements, with scanning and monitoring across structured and unstructured file types and images.

Preset & custom pattern library Ready-to-go default pre-determined search patterns.

Confidence matching engine Get the balance right between performance and accuracy with Search Confidence Matching configuration and reduce the amount of false positives.

Simple & compound intuitive search function Easily input bespoke search terms and ‘find files similar to’ function.

OCR scanning Locate sensitive data that exists within images, such as pdfs from scanned documents.

User-friendly dashboards and dynamically generated executive reports

See the results of your searches via the user-friendly dashboard and executive report to:
  • Ascertain your data risk profile
  • Estimate the value of data issues
  • Analyse discovered, resolved and outstanding data issues

Dynamically Generated Executive Report

Where Sensitive Data has been found > Key risk areas User-friendly dashboards

Seamless data discovery integration

Business Application Integration For data discovery in collaborative workplace software and unstructured data, SecurEnvoy Data Discovery integrates seamlessly with:
  • Atlassian Confluence, Jira and Bitbucket, using Atlassian APIs.
  • Microsoft 365
  • Google Workspace
  • Alfresco
Active Directory Integration SecurEnvoy Data Discovery also integrates with your current active directory, reducing the need to create duplicate accounts for user authentication. Flexible deployment
  • On-premise or in the cloud
  • On endpoints, servers, network file shares
Seamless integration

Data discovery that is straightforward and simple to deploy

SecurEnvoy Data Discovery is a lightweight client/server solution that is easy and quick to deploy using your own software processes and can be deployed in under 1 hour. Deploying SecurEnvoy Data Discovery requires just two IT resources – The Data Discovery Manager and Data Discovery Agent. With fast deployment, time to value is rapid and results can be seen the same day.

Data Discovery Manager

A user interface to manage search tasks, devices, users, licence and other areas of SecurEnvoy Data Discovery.

Data Discovery Agent

Installed on each of the monitored endpoints. Available for Windows, Mac, Linux. Windows agents can also be deployed on Windows Server 2012+ and.msi files can be deployed using systems such as GPO and SCCM.

SecurEnvoy Data Discovery solves a range of key business challenges

Data discovery solutions are suitable for small, medium and large enterprises in a range of different projects.

SecurEnvoy data discovery

Achieving Compliance

SecurEnvoy data discovery

Protecting IP

Detect and protect Intellectual property
SecurEnvoy data discovery

Cloud Migration / Digital Transformation

Identify on-premise sensitive data before migration to cloud storage
SecurEnvoy data discovery

Insider Threat Protection

Understand unauthorised data use – access patterns and movement of sensitive data outside permitted repositories
SecurEnvoy data discovery

User Awareness of Data Security

Employee coaching on usage of sensitive data and accountability
SecurEnvoy data discovery

Gaining 360 Data Visibility

Discover sensitive data in on-premise storage, endpoints and cloud services

A 93.3% per year cost saving using automated data discovery versus manual data scanning

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