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Windows Logon Agent

Flexible Windows MFA – securing remote worker
access to legacy applications on laptops or via
remote virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

Secure Windows devices online, off-line, and out-of-band
– wherever users are working.

Secure access to critical legacy applications for today’s flexible workforce.

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Windows MFA

Is your remote access to business
applications secure at all times?

Today’s workforce requires flexible access to critical
line-of-business, cloud, and bespoke applications, wherever
they are located, at any time, using any device.

Keeping employees connected through serious weather and
other emergencies is now becoming a crucial part of operational
and business continuity plans.

Windows MFA

Controlling user access to legacy applications with SecurEnvoy Windows Logon Agent


While user identity and control of access to business
applications is paramount, they are often overlooked if
applications cannot be ported to the web or are not available as

These legacy applications are still the mainstay of many
businesses, with access via thick applications on laptops or via
remote virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

SecurEnvoy Windows Logon Agent is designed to secure access
to physical and virtual environments across your enterprise,
whether that is via desktops, servers, laptops or VDI

Flexible windows MFA options and granular control

SecurEnvoy Windows Logon Agent’s flexible authentication
(MFA) options, coupled with granular user controls, allow secure
access direct to the Windows Operating system, regardless of
how or where a user is working – whether they are in the office,
on the road, home or hybrid working. Even when there are major
concurrent failures, ‘emergency access mode’ can be invoked
allowing recovery methods for continued access.

Windows MFA

Adding Multi-Factor and 2 Factor Authentication to Windows login


Windows Logon Agent

In this blog, Michael Urgero looks at how to improve security at
all end-point devices as well as servers in the data centre. It
covers his experience working with a mid-sized customer to
secure their Cisco VPN, along with authentication to Windows
laptops and servers, and how the solution works in practice.

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Complete multi-factor authentication

Securing your company systems and corporate data with
excellent access controls using SecurEnvoy Windows Logon
Agent is the first step to delivering full peace of mind with
comprehensive Multi-Factor Authentication.

Take a look at how SecurEnvoy Multi-Factor Authentication can
secure all your devices.

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