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Single sign-on solution

SecurEnvoy Single Sign-On (SSO) solution brings into focus a new digital landscape, where convenience meets security.

  • A seamless experience that simplifies your journey across multiple applications and systems
  • Simultaneously strengthens your online presence
  • Authentication becomes effortless, productivity soars, data remains safeguarded

Welcome to the revolution in access management, giving you the key to more streamlined, more secure online interactions.

Challenges solved by Single Sign-On

Before the Single Sign-On solution, organisations wrestled with a multitude of authentication challenges that hindered productivity and raised security concerns. Employees were burdened with the need to remember and manage an ever-growing list of usernames and passwords across different applications and systems. This resulted in a constant cycle of forgotten passwords, password reset requests and lost time, ultimately affecting morale as well as efficiency.

The complexity of managing multiple login credentials opened the door to security vulnerabilities. Weak or reused passwords, plus the potential for unauthorised access to critical systems, posed significant risks. The absence of a unified authentication solution made it difficult to enforce consistent security policies across an organisation, leaving sensitive data susceptible to breaches.

On top of all these challenges, IT departments faced the huge task of administering and maintaining a labyrinth of user accounts and access permissions, diverting resources away from more valuable, strategic initiatives.

Streamlined user experience


Increased productivity


Enhanced security


Simplified IT management

Simplified IT

Cost savings


Unlock greater efficiency and seamless authentication

Seamless authentication

Single Sign-On is built into the SecurEnvoy Access Management Solution, offering organisations the ability to provide employees with secure, frictionless access to all key resources.

SecurEnvoy Access Management comes with flexible deployment options and a comprehensive and ever growing list of pre-built integrations with popular cloud applications. Organisations can integrate with additional custom apps through the dynamic app on-boarding mechanism included in this single sign-on solution.

Single Sign-On, combined with the Conditional Access Policy Engine, allows administrators to configure access policies, providing precise control over who can access specific resources and under what conditions. This powerful combination empowers organisations to strike the perfect balance between security and usability.

With the ability to set rules based on user roles, device types, location and more, administrators can establish a granular and adaptive security framework. This means that, for instance, they can restrict access to sensitive data from unauthorised devices or locations; enforce multi-factor authentication when needed; and grant seamless access to trusted users in approved scenarios. In doing so, SSO and the Conditional Access Policy Engine create a robust defence against potential threats, all the time enhancing the user experience and ensuring compliance with security best practices.

How the SecurEnvoy Single Sign-On solution works


Put simply, SSO is designed to streamline the user experience, enhance security and increase efficiency within an organisation’s digital ecosystem. SSO operates as an Identity Provider (IDP), to simplify and secure the user authentication process, while also serving as a portal to access all business critical applications.

When a user initiates the login process, they interact with the SecurEnvoy SSO portal. Here’s how it works:

  1. Authentication – The user accesses the SecurEnvoy SSO portal and provides their unique login credentials (e.g. username and password) or employs a stronger authentication method such as multi-factor authentication (MFA). This initial step ensures the user’s identity is verified securely.
  2. Authorisation – After successful authentication, the SSO platform serves as an IDP, determining the user’s access rights. It verifies which applications the user is authorised to access based on predefined access policies, roles and other criteria.
  3. Single Sign-On – Once authorised, the user gains access to a central dashboard or portal within SecurEnvoy SSO. From this portal they can view and access all of their business critical
    applications, whether they are cloud based or on-premise.
  4. Application Access – Users can seamlessly launch the desired applications from the SSO portal without needing to enter additional credentials. The SSO platform securely manages the transmission of authentication tokens or assertion information to these applications, so that access is granted without multiple logins being required.

SSO solution

A win-win solution

By functioning as an IDP and providing users with a central portal to access their business-critical applications, SSO promotes both productivity and cybersecurity.

SecurEnvoy SSO:

  • Simplifies the user experience for more efficient login
  • Strengthens security
  • Streamlines IT management
  • Enhances control over access

Typical use cases




Embrace the BYOD policy by
implementing an adaptive user
authentication mechanism
tailored to access risk levels

Passwordless Experience


Enhance user experience for
office-based users accessing
applications and resources on
corporate devices with a
seamless SSO and
Passwordless Experience

Zero Trust

Zero Trust

Enforce Zero Trust principles
with simple and advanced
conditional access rules for
precise application and
resource control