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Perform data discovery quickly in Atlassian Confluence on-premise and cloud installations using SecurEnvoy Data Discovery.

Simple and swift data discovery

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Atlassian Confluence Data Discovery

Identify unstructured sensitive data in Atlassian Confluence


Atlassian Confluence

Do you know what sensitive data is stored in your Atlassian Confluence?

SecurEnvoy Data Discovery allows you to perform data discovery within your Atlassian Confluence environment regardless of whether it’s an on-premise installation or using the Atlassian SaaS solution.

Built-in algorithms accurately identify unstructured sensitive
data, including Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Payment Card Information (PCI), Intellectual Property (IP), HIPAA, and GDPR-related information. SecurEnvoy Data Discovery also gives you the flexibility to include your own custom search terms.

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Lightweight software – Scaling to
the largest data challenges

SecurEnvoy Data Discovery is a lightweight client/server software solution that can also scale to meet the largest data challenges. It is deployable using your own software processes, integrating seamlessly with Atlassian Confluence and using Atlassian’s own APIs, to ensure that the integrity of your data is not put at risk.

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Atlassian confluence data discovery

Straightforward deployment, reducing TCO

Deploying SecurEnvoy Data Discovery is straightforward and simple, requiring just two IT resources at a minimum:


Endpoint Manager

Endpoint Manager

Endpoint Manager is the interface used to manage search tasks, devices, users, licence and other areas of SecurEnvoy Data Discovery.

Endpoint Agent

Endpoint Agent

Installed on each of the devices which you will be using as discovery agents to search data within Atlassian Confluence. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

  • Windows agents can also be deployed on Windows Server 2012+
  • msi files can be deployed using systems such as GPO and SCCM

Integrated reporting

With SecurEnvoy Data Discovery, you can easily review and collate data for analysis via a user-friendly dashboard:

  • Automated data extraction is used for reporting and analysis
  • Unstructured data can be searched and extracted to a central repository
  • Data can be extracted in a variety of formats (HTML, CSV, XLSX)
  • Dynamically create HERO reports
  • Exporting the data to a central location is included (SIEM)

Atlassian Confluence

Atlassian Data Discovery

Remediation workflow included

SecurEnvoy Data Discovery alerts space owners that sensitive Information has been discovered within their content. It provides the ability for you to re-check for discovered data once the owner has confirmed that the sensitive data has been removed – providing proof that their actions have remediated the risk to your company.

Integration with your
authentication source

SecurEnvoy Data Discovery integrates with your existing active directory for user authentication, reducing the need to create duplicate accounts locally for those users that need direct access to the tool.

Atlassian Confluence