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Arriva Train Wales

Arriva Trains Wales carries 65,000 passengers per day across 1009 miles of track. Security is a massive concern for any business, and keeping customer credit card data and business data secure was paramount for Arriva. Paul Stern, Network Security Manager at Arriva Trains Wales explains how, driven by payment card industry compliance, they took steps to tighten up all their security systems and networks with SecurEnvoy.

Arriva Train Wales

Protecting Sensitive Data in an Increasingly Connected World


With the advent of the connected car and the increasing reliance within the transport industry on automation, it is imperative that the underlying code that drives these innovations is protected. If code is leaked it can be changed by would-be malicious actors and used within connected vehicles and transport applications.

In addition, code forms part of the high-value data and intellectual property of this sector. As with manufacturing, new knowledge, know-how and the information that underpins registered intellectual property within patents as well as computer code presents a significant risk to the competitive enterprise – affecting market valuations and reputations.

SecurEnvoy’s Data Discovery and Access Management solutions make sure you are in control of your sensitive data and know where it resides and who has access to it, mitigating current risks to market-sensitive information and enterprise crown jewels.


Transportation companies choose SecurEnvoy because we deliver
  • Secure access to sensitive personal customer information
  • The ability to understand and control IP
  • Solutions that are simple to deploy and easy to integrate

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