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Business Challenges

Protect what is most valuable to your business:

employees, customers and information.

Read how SecurEnvoy’s zero-trust solutions can help solve some of the most pressing challenges for businesses today – from securing remote worker access, improving productivity, reducing administration and enhancing the customer experience. Select a topic…

Secure Remote Working

Improve flexibility without compromising

Whether they are working from home, travelling or carrying out work in hard
to reach locations, employees need the ability to work flexibly and login
securely to all the applications that they need to do their job, whatever their
work environment and whether the applications are on-premise or in the cloud.

Employees need simple, secure access to applications wherever they are


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Secure Remote Working

Enhancing User Experience & Productivity

Reduce overheads on users and simplify login

Multiple applications require multiple passwords. They are hard to
remember and if the wrong password is used too often users can get locked
out, resulting in lost work time. To side step the issue, some users resort to
using the same password for personal accounts and business, leading to
accounts being cracked easily through credential stuffing. Others may write
their passwords down, by-passing security measures completely.

Users need to access applications quickly and efficiently with a simple
login process.


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Why use MFA? Find out more >

Enhancing user experience

Managing Authentication in Highly Secure or Regulated Industries

Delivering secure authentication for applications on-premise or in private cloud

For organisations who are heavily regulated, have large amounts of sensitive data or need to keep data in a specific region, implementing authentication on-premise is essential.

On-premise authentication for high levels of security. A future-proofed solution for a mix of private and public cloud.


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On-premise MFA – when cloud isn’t an option >

Mergers & Acquisitions

Reducing Administrative Overheads

Reduce IT administration and improve user productivity

Setting up and managing authentication for a wide range of users with different security levels, different business needs and working in different environments with applications on-premise and in the cloud can be a challenge.

Improve user productivity and reduce IT administration with a range of authentication methods and self-service password reset.


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Reducing Admin Overheads

Enhance Customer Trust & Experience

Secure, simple customer identity & access
management (CIAM)

Customers expect real-time access to products, services and business portals, but with ever increasing PII (Personally Identifiable Information), they also need to be sure that their data is being held safely.

Secure authentication ensures trust and makes secure services easy for customers to consume.


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Protecting PII with Multi-Factor Authentication
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Customer Trust

Achieving Compliance

Comply with regulations through identity

With data regulations becoming more and more rigorous, data management
and protection is creating huge compliance headaches.

Added to the need for compliance, you may have differing security levels and requirements across your organisation or need to cater to varying data compliance regulations across different countries. Flexible authentication is imperative to keep your data safe, whether your users are accessing data on-premise, or in a private or public cloud.

Authentication is essential in order to keep your data safe.


Access Management >
SecurEnvoy Multi Factor Authentication

Find out more about how SecurEnvoy MFA is helping achieve compliance
for GDPR and PCI DSS >

Achieving Compliance

PCI DSS requires that all employees
with remote access to a network that contains card payment information must use more than just a password to prove who they are.

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