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Nature’s way of keeping us on our toes?

As the bush fires spread across Queensland and fears of Victoria in NSW also being hit, we see conversely in […]

Authentication tokens can be broken in under 15 minutes !!

The news that tokens can be broken in less than 15 minutes raises questions again following last years security breaches! One […]

SecurEnvoy offers choice of a soft token on whichever device an employee chooses

SecurEnvoy has launched a new service where users are permitted to choose which device they wish to receive their soft […]

Motiv Chooses 2 Factor Authentication from SecurEnvoy

Berkshire (UK) and IJsselstein (Netherlands) – SecurEnvoy today confirmed that Motiv is not just selling its solutions, but is also using […]

Is Security Being Strangled by the upcoming Token Necklace?

SecurEnvoy looks at the phenomenon of the physical token, and asks whether increased application of these physical tokens could create […]

SecurEnvoy says latest wireless research sets the scene for easy-to-use authentication

The Wi-Fi Alliance’s research confirms a lot about wireless user behaviour that security experts have known about for some time. […]

SecurEnvoy comes of age

Last month we released SecurEnvoy Suite 5.4, a collection of four two-factor authentication solutions including SecurAccess and SecurPassword. Part of […]

Never knowingly unsecured

John Lewis and Waitrose save time and money with SecurPassword The John Lewis Partnership is one of the UK’s largest […]

Three reasons why the tech sector loves SecurEnvoy

Every company makes data and network security a priority, but firms in the technology sector pay particular attention to security […]