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Are Managed Service Providers the new target for ransomware hackers?

Dozens of dental clinics in Oregon and Washington faced disruption with blocked access to patients’ records due to the recent […]

SecurEnvoy: Secure Your Way

On top of introducing new security steps to your employees, customers and vendors, implementing an outside solution can bring challenges […]

Securing Government Organisations with MFA

The London Borough of Hounslow has taken security and protection seriously for many years. Previously, they issued hardware tokens to […]

Christmann & Pfeifer Finds Flexibility with Citrix & SecurEnvoy

Christmann & Pfeifer Construction GmbH & Co. KG has excelled in construction and bridge construction since 1925. Thanks to SecurEnvoy, […]

New 9.3.503 Release – Important Android Push Notifications

  IMPORTANT – Android Push Notifications SecurEnvoy is proud to release the latest version, v9.3.503 (available here), of our SecurAccess MFA […]

Protecting PII with Multi-factor Authentication

Securing Data & Privacy with Multi-Factor Authentication Your business risk has never been greater. Customers demand and expect real-time access […]

How to Avoid Online Fraud with MFA Security Solutions

Ensuring that the portals and apps consumers use are secure. Studies show that 73% of consumers say they should have […]

8 Tips for Choosing the Right Multi-factor Authentication Solution

  Tip #1 Managed services have grown in popularity in recent years, in part due to the measures taken by manufacturers […]

Why Do Hackers Target Finance? Follow the Money.

There are some sobering statistics on the state of cybersecurity threats and financial institutions: Cost to deal with a cyberattack? […]