Protecting PII with Multi-factor Authentication

Securing Data & Privacy with Multi-Factor Authentication

Your business risk has never been greater. Customers demand and expect real-time access to products, services and business portals, leading to ever increasing PII (Personally Identifiable Information) being obtained and stored. Businesses must balance the need for convenient services and access to data against this ever-increasing threat landscape.

Enhanced user identity and access management is an essential component of online security today. Giving customers secure access to their accounts does more than just prevent account breaches. Secure authentication builds a circle of trust around and within a service, offers a competitive advantage for companies and makes secure services easy for customers to consume. In the last two years alone, many companies have suffered cybersecurity breaches without multi-factor authentication:

  • As many as 6,600 customers of online contact lens shop Vision Direct are at risk of having their personal details, including financial information, stolen in a November data breach.
  • The data breach discovered by Dixons Carphone in June 2018 compromised 10 million accounts with personal information. 
  • The British Airways breach exposed 380,000 transactions with personal and financial details over a two week period not only on their website, but their app as well.

The Many Benefits of MFA

Reduce Risk

Empowering your customers with MFA is the first step towards layered security measures that strengthen security and provide a secure alternative. Complicated and difficult password combinations are frustrating, difficult to remember and riddled with flaws from password-based authentication.

Improve Perception

Businesses that provide MFA signal to consumers that they take data protection and security seriously. Increasingly, trust plays a more  influential role in online consumer behaviour and provides a tangible advantage in customer attraction and retention.

Seamlessly Integrate

SecurEnvoy provides Admin, Auth and Config web services via our RESTful APIs, allowing the customisation of your multi-factor authentication user interface via your web application or customer portal.

Enhance Brand Recognition

SecurEnvoy’s white-label MFA app can be fully tailored to fit your corporate branding. Not only does this strengthen your brand by placing it directly on your customers’ devices, it encourages regular interaction with your services. Accelerate transaction processes with more intuitive account access through your own, fully branded MFA application.

Enable Flexibility

The era of PINs and passwords is over. With SecurEnvoy’s MFA your customers can now reuse existing application or personal passwords, or use one of the many authentication methods including SMS, biometrics and smartphone push authentication.

Published: 1 March 2019

Category: Product Updates


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