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Santa’s Data Breach: Local PC Discovery with Realtime control and device control

The 12 breaches of Christmas: 1 and 2 To: Santa@sclaus.com From: SSO@sclaus.com Date: 1/11/2021 Subject: Security Alert from Santa Sec […]

Data breaches leading to intellectual property and source code theft

What we can learn from the EA data breach One of the most recent breaches has affected Electronic Arts (EA) […]

Data Sprawl – Data Data Everywhere but not a drop to sync

How to keep track of your data everywhere, on-premises or in the cloud. Who, What, Where, When, How?  These are […]

Is your organisation safe from cyber security insider threat?

Security Fridays Week 23 – A look at how data discovery and data loss prevention can secure against insider threats. […]

Are your current data security policies enough to protect against breaches?

Security Fridays Week 21 – How to augment security with automatic data loss prevention. This breach in the healthcare sector […]

Why cybersecurity for universities can no longer be ignored.

Security Fridays Week 19 – Universities need to follow business best practices in keeping student data secure. Educational establishments do […]

Business data protection when working with external suppliers

Security Fridays Week 17 – Ensuring policies and technologies are in place to comply with GDPR One of the sections […]

Security Fridays: Week 16

Business’ approach to data security post Covid-19 As we approach the fall of 2020, we hear news of a possible […]

Security Fridays: Week 13

Security best practices to ensure data protection in the Cloud This is a timely reminder that the grass isn’t always […]

Security Fridays: Week Nine

The protective measures needed to reduce data loss and breaches Realistically the exact number of records is not the thing […]