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Access Management Solution – MSP Edition

Advanced Managed Service Provider capability

Access Management MSP Edition provides MSPs with a
different way of working.


Turning complexity into simplicity

Organisations have plenty to grapple with: the intricacies of escalating cyber threats, stringent compliance regulations and complex cybersecurity technologies. It means these organisations must lean on MSPs and MSSPs to bolster their security position.

With SecurEnvoy as a trusted ally, MSPs can deliver simple, secure, efficient access to cloud applications; allowing clients to navigate the constantly changing enterprise landscape with complete confidence.

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Seamless integration with existing services

Access Management MSP Edition is a fully white-labelled platform that seamlessly integrates with MSPs’ existing offerings. Onboarding new clients and adjusting user volumes as needed is swift and seamless. And as a scalable solution, it can grow as clients’ business grows.

More simplicity. More cost-effectiveness. More flexibility.

Our Access Management solution has evolved with the MSP edition, giving MSPs new capability.


Single console management

Single console

Manage all your
customers from a
single dashboard.

Pay-as-you-go pricing


Flexible and
cost-effective, with
automated billing
based on daily
consumption data.

White-label branding


Personalise colours,
logos and emails for
each client, for a
tailored, distinctive user

Flexible deployment option

Flexible deployment

Choose between MSP
SaaS or deploy it within
Private Cloud or Data

For established MSPs and MSSPs – plus those looking to build out their managed service capabilities –
adding Access Management MSP Edition boosts their service offering.

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Access Management MSP Edition – the evolution of our flagship solution

This scalable solution sets new standards for access management and security, delivering uncompromising security across a range of key features:


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Passwordless Authentication
Choose the ideal authentication method for different user types, specific use cases and security levels from a comprehensive range of options (including the FIDO2 passwordless authentication options).


Single Sign-On (SSO)
Simplify the user experience by offering SSO capabilities, reducing password fatigue and helping to enhance productivity.

Cloud App

Cloud App Integration
Seamlessly integrate with a wide range of cloud applications, providing clients with consistent and secure access across their preferred tools.

Conditional Access

Conditional Access Policy Engine
Implement granular control over user access with a flexible policy engine. Define access conditions based on user attributes, device status, location and more; allowing for dynamic and adaptive access control.

Advanced Location Awareness

Advanced Location Awareness
Enhance security measures by utilising geo-fencing to designate specific ‘safe zones’ for user logins, ensuring tailored and location-specific access control.


User-friendly Interface
Ensures that administrators and end users can easily manage and access their accounts.

Self-Service Password Reset

Self-Service Password Reset
Reduce the amount of password reset calls to helpdesk with self-service password reset (SSPR).

Helpdesk Verification

Helpdesk Verification
Strengthen the security of account modifications by robustly authenticating users who contact the helpdesk. Utilise a one-time passcode to ensure that account changes are authorised and secure.

Universal Directory

Universal Directory
Unify user identities across the entire infrastructure: providing a single, reliable source of truth, and simplifying identity management across multiple systems and applications.

User Access Reporting

User Access Reporting
Generate detailed reports: providing a centralised overview of application access, and ensuring complete transparency of system usage and user activity at all times.


Diverse selection of authenticators
This includes software tokens, TOTP, FIDO hardware tokens and SMS options.

Flexible Deployment

Flexible Deployment Options
Choose from SaaS or dedicated Private / On-Premise.