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Comprehensive IAM Alternative to Microsoft Azure MFA

Does Microsoft multi-factor authentication provide the features that your business requires?

Free, bundled IAM solutions are all well and good, but if you need granular security controls – have not yet fully adopted cloud – or need complete MFA coverage across your network – SecurEnvoy can help.

Azure MFA

Flexible identity security however you need it, across your whole business

SecurEnvoy provides flexible, easy to administer Identity & Access Management and MFA, that can help you secure identities across your whole environment, which can be deployed:

  • through IDaaS public cloud
  • as a managed service
  • on-premise in a private data centre
  • in a private cloud
Azure MFA

MFA for Windows Desktop Logon, RDP and MacOS

Securing the MFA logon process for Windows and Windows Hello is not always straightforward, for example, Windows Hello for Business also requires an internet connection for logon, restricting certain offline situations.

SecurEnvoy Windows Logon agent provides MFA access to Windows directly, remotely or offline, covering:

  • Windows workstations and servers
  • Console and RDP logins
  • Offline authentication using SecurEnvoy authentication types
  • MFA for Logon/Unlock
  • Group Memberships
  • Emergency access
  • Self-service password reset from the endpoint
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Azure MFA

In addition, for environments, which include MacOS, SecurEnvoy MacOS Logon Agent can be deployed to protect these endpoints giving the same full MFA functionality. The risk of unauthorised access can be reduced across your whole organisation.

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Advanced RADIUS support with SecurEnvoy MFA


Many companies still have on-premise environments that are protected by a VPN or other remote access, which are supported by the RADIUS protocol.

Microsoft Azure MFA does support RADIUS, but requires other components, such as Network Policy Server (NPS), which increases complexity. In addition, the RADIUS capability is limited and does not always work well with all vendor VPNs.

Azure MFA

SecurEnvoy offers a fully featured RADIUS capability enabling:

  • Trusted Networks’ – where users from a trusted address or hostname are not prompted for MFA
  • ‘Blocked Networks’ – blocking authentication from specific network locations
  • ‘Trusted Groups’ – allowing groups to be required, or not required to provide MFA, depending on their role or security level
  • Authentication from specifically permitted domains, which is ideal for MSPs managing multi-tenant environments
  • Attributes to be passed back to the RADIUS client

A broad range of granular MFA authentication methods

Microsoft Azure AD MFA has limitations in the granularity options it provides, which lead to challenges striking a balance between security and user experience. Most organisations need a broad range of authentication methods to address their specific business needs and based on group and user profiles.

SecurEnvoy is able to offer a range of authentication methods, a single view of user authentication, user self-service and location-based authentication.

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Microsoft MFA

Authentication ranging from biometrically protected smartphone apps through to hardware tokens and simple SMS OTP.

User self- service

Microsoft MFA

User self-service helps enable the best user acceptance and highest levels of user experience.

SecurEnvoy has built-in user self-service functionality. Users can select their preferred authentication enrolment method and change their authentication method, quickly and easily, should they lose a device or change their work environment.

Location-based awareness

Azure MFA

Geo-IP is not always enough. Where data sovereignty and data boundaries are important, SecurEnvoy can guarantee the user location at the time of authentication.

You can pre-define “safe” locations or allow an amount of deviation between the request and authentication (PUSH) response, to ensure that MFA is coupled with exact location to provide deeper access control.

Managing multiple directories with a universal directory

SecurEnvoy Universal Directory, at the core of SecurEnvoy IAM, can simplify multiple directory environments and consolidation projects. The Universal Directory acts as the Identity Provider (IdP), creating a single digital user identity, and providing visibility of all identities along with the applications and resources they have access to.

SecurEnvoy Universal Directory synchronises bi-directionally across multiple directories, so that if a user is disabled in any directory, all access will be disabled, in real-time, from all other directories. Universal Directory supports a wide range of directory types, including Microsoft AD, Azure AD, Google Workspace, and more.

Azure MFA

Intuitive management and administration

Microsoft MFA

SecurEnvoy IAM provides rich reporting and simple and intuitive administration:

  • Single pane of glass management – elegant, easy to interpret dashboard
  • Out of the box application integrations for single sign-on to applications in a couple of clicks
  • Self-service password management, reducing helpdesk overheads
  • Automatic onboarding controlled via the parent directory and synchronised to SecurEnvoy IAM

Fast to deploy identity security

Azure MFA

All SecurEnvoy security products are developed with  speed of deployment in mind:

  • Light-weight on-premise installation and intuitive installation process, installing only missing requirements
  • No separate database requirements, with synchronisation of Active Directory users in a matter of minutes
  • Authorising cloud directories can be completed in a few clicks

Comprehensive customer support from the MFA and Identity Management experts

SecurEnvoy’s dedicated Customer Experience Team is available to help, with all calls directed to experienced second and third line technical service engineers, who have first-hand knowledge of our customers’ environments. Our support staff work closely alongside our development team to offer a consultative service and unique solutions to specific business issues.

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Microsoft MFA
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