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Importance of MFA
in Security Sensitive

How to provide MFA tailored to specific user
requirements and security levels

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best practices and improving the user
authentication journey

MFA for Security Sensitive Industries

There is no room to be complacent. With
growing cyber security threats everyone
in your organisation needs authentication
tailored to their specific access needs and
the risk profile of their role.

Even if you have already implemented 2FA or MFA, there may
still be gaps in authentication for different use cases and
applications, compromising security across your organisation.

In this e-Guide we look at:

  • What MFA is and its importance to security-sensitive
  • Reasons for improving security with a fully comprehensive
    MFA solution
  • Why 2FA and some MFA solutions might not be good
    enough for full security cover
  • User authentication journeys for different use cases and
    security levels
  • Picking the right authentication methods
  • Tips to make the most of MFA across your entire workforce

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MFA Best Practices