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Security Fridays: Week Eleven

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Security Fridays: Week Seven

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Lower data breaches with data security training for employees

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Why retailers need to be cautious this Black Friday and Cyber Monday

As the year draws to a close, people everywhere are gearing up for the holiday season. With Thanksgiving this week […]

October: The month of pumpkin spiced lattes, Halloween and National Cybersecurity Awareness

Aside from the fall in temperatures, Halloween celebrations and pumpkin spiced lattes, October is known for being National Cybersecurity Awareness […]

Some tips for login security on every day of the year

Things individuals and employers can do to secure passwords and keep data breaches at bay. It seems that every day […]

Data Breach Investigations Report – some things, unfortunately, don’t change

Why MFA continues to be recommended explicitly for preventing data breaches.  Verizon’s annual Data Breach Investigations Report has just been […]

Passwordless authentication is the future

How MFA provides an intuitive way for users to keep your network and information secure In most areas, computer technology […]

How mobile multi factor authentication is making life easier for users and admin

Unobtrusive authentication for users via their phones, SMS, NFC and biometrics. The day of the password is numbered – and […]

Usability doesn’t have to be sacrificed for security with single sign-on authentication

Are usability and security mutually exclusive, or two sides of the same coin? Security doesn’t need to put obstacles in […]