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Do you have complete visibility of your sensitive data across your entire organisation? Sensitive data discovery is the first step in data protection.

Understand where your data resides, across your entire digital estate, wherever your employees are working.

Data Discovery

SecurEnvoy Data Discovery (DD)

SecurEnvoy Data Discovery is a comprehensive solution for sensitive data discovery which must take place before data classification and data control can happen as part of a wider Data Loss Prevention project.

What is data discovery?

Data Discovery is the first step in understanding what sensitive data you have, where it is located, and how users interact with it across your whole organisation.

Once you have a full understanding using Data Discovery, it is then possible to carry out data discovery classification which allows you to put policies in place to control how data will be used.

Data Discovery

Know where your data is

With the amount of data continuously increasing and with more and more devices inside and outside the workplace as more people are working from home, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of the data we have.

SecurEnvoy DLP Data Discovery can help you to know where your data is, so you can:

  • Protect against outsider and insider threats and human error
  • Adhere to data privacy regulations
  • Safeguard high-value information
  • Understand and control data in the cloud, as well as on-premise
  • Prepare data for cloud migration and digital transformation.

Scan structured and unstructured data types across all platforms, applications and devices

Data Discovery

File-Type Agnostic Scanning

File-Type Agnostic Scanning

SecurEnvoy DLP Data Discovery uses file-type agnostic scanning to discover any type of data, without regard for its structure or extension, ensuring sensitive data is found wherever it might be hiding.

Data Discovery

Structured & Unstructured Data Scanning

Structured and Unstructured Data Scanning

You can scan structured and unstructured data, discovering data residing on:

  • Desktops, laptops, USBs (and when emailing, scanning, printing and capturing screenshots)
  • Local PCs and file shares
  • Exchange, PST/OST files and SharePoint
  • Any ODBC compliant database
  • Cloud services, such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Azure, hosted Exchange, Office 365, OneDrive and SharePoint
Data Discovery Classification

Content Level Fingerprinting

Content Level Fingerprinting – tracking data in motion

SecurEnvoy Data Discovery Fingerprinting marks the data, not the files. This allows data to be tracked when it moves between documents, when it is sent to a printer and copied and pasted, etc. ensuring thorough data discovery.

Data Discovery

Scanning and Reporting

Scanning and Reporting

Scanning can be carried out as a batch process and streamed to local and external systems.

Speeding up GDPR compliance and DSAR with sensitive data discovery

With the risk of substantial fines if data regulations are not adhered to, one key advantage of having more visibility of your data and knowing where it resides, is being able to quickly locate sensitive data and action requests such as Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) and right-to-be-forgotten requests.

Data Discovery within SecurEnvoy includes pre-built terms for common data, such as addresses, national insurance numbers, passport numbers and telephone numbers, and you can add to the list with custom search terms.

Once sensitive data is found, it can easily be forwarded to the requestor or deleted from the system.


SecurEnvoy Data Discovery

Do you need a stand-alone sensitive data discovery tool for a smaller project, without the need for classification and control?

Give us a call to arrange a discovery consultation or set up a free trial to find out how SecurEnvoy Data Discovery can help with your next data project.


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Data Control

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