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After data discovery, the next step is to set up fully
automated data classification and reporting of
sensitive data.

Track the use (and misuse) of sensitive data across all of your
data stores with Data Classification

Data Classification Software

SecurEnvoy Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Data Classification Tools

What is data classification?

SecurEnvoy DLP Data Classification tools let
users categorise documents as they are created
and provides a fully automated classification

By classifying data you can implement policies to
ensure the correct use of sensitive information
across all your company’s trusted data repositories
whether on-premise or in the cloud.

SecurEnvoy Data Loss

Understand and protect your data everywhere
with SecurEnvoy DLP. The complete solution for
data discovery, data classification and data
control wherever the data is held.

The importance of classifying your data


Data Classification Software


Data classification is a key requirement for data privacy and regulatory compliance (GDPR, HIPAA, PCI for example) and for mitigating data security threats from outside and inside your organisation. However, categorising large amounts of sensitive data and confidential information, such as IP, across different applications and data silos is a major challenge. Plus, you cannot always rely on manual classification which is open to incorrect categorisation by data users through human error or lack of awareness.

With SecurEnvoy DLP, once you have identified the sensitive data you have across your business using Data Discovery it is an easy task to classify data so that you can keep track of its use automatically, set up security policies and identify data security breaches.

SecurEnvoy DLP
Full Classification Framework

Data Classification Tools

SecurEnvoy DLP Data Classification tools provide a
complete framework for you to classify your data.

  • Allows users to classify documents as they are
  • SecurEnvoy DLP provides a fully automated
    classification system based on data discovery, which
    enables you to double-check user classification
    ratings and reduce potential errors, such as under or
    over-classified data.

Apply rules and policies to manage
classified data

To help classify your data and build the security policies and
reporting you need for regulatory compliance and DSAR
requests, SecurEnvoy DLP provides:

  • Out of the box rules – optimised and automatically
    updated for accuracy, ensuring you can find relevant data
  • Pre-set meta data – an unparalleled amount of meta data
    on files, including file owner, last printed, last accessed, tags
    and more.
  • Customisable reports – powerful report generation with an
    intuitive UI for customised reports.

Data Classification Software

Full data discovery, data classification and
data control with SecurEnvoy DLP

SecurEnvoy DLP is the complete solution for data discovery, classification and control, wherever it resides, and is suitable for a whole range of data security applications.

Give us a call to arrange a discovery consultation or set up a free trial to find out how
SecurEnvoy DLP can help with your next data project.

Data Discovery Essentials

Do you need initial data analysis for a discovery project, without the need for classification and control?


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