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An international bank reduced data management resource costs by 93% with automated sensitive information discovery tools from SecurEnvoy.

To slash resource costs an international bank headquartered in the UK chose to automate the discovery of sensitive data in Atlassian, both on-premise and in the cloud, with SecurEnvoy Data Discovery.

International Bank

The challenge – Managing massive amounts of growing sensitive data across the business

The bank is responsible for managing large amounts of sensitive personal information in accordance with FCA, PRA and GDPR regulations. They need to protect customer data, provide proof that data is being managed correctly for audits, ensure that data is kept in accordance with regulations to avoid fines and understand where their data resides so that they can reduce risk from human error and cyber-attack.

Managing all their sensitive data was a mammoth task – they used a large team to people to manually scan their digital estate to discover the sensitive data that was stored across the whole UK business. While this process was a massive drain on resources and budgets, it was very necessary.

Our customer realised that as the number of business applications grew, automating the data discovery process was becoming crucial to ensure compliance and reduce security risks as well as costs.

The bank selected SecurEnvoy Data Discovery to scan over 2 terabytes of data (an amount that is continually increasing) and report on all the sensitive data that is being stored in their on-premise and cloud solutions.

Without adopting this change to automated data discovery, they would have needed to add more resources and increased budgets, while always being at risk of human error and key sensitive data being missed.

Automating the data discovery process for sensitive data in Atlassian Confluence, Jira, Bitbucket and more

Like many other financial services businesses, the bank are using the Atlassian suite of solutions (Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket).

Our customer searched for a solution to automate the data discovery process but struggled to identify a data discovery solution that was able to scan Atlassian products that were deployed on-premise and in the cloud. After a comprehensive review of the data discovery market, testing many solutions, they identified SecurEnvoy Data Discovery as the right tool to move forward with.

Sensitive data discovery

SecurEnvoy Data Discovery automates the data discovery process and quickly scans endpoints (PC, MAC, Linux), servers, and day-to-day business management solutions such as Office 365, Google Workspace, Alfresco, and Atlassian Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket. The SecurEnvoy solution reports on the type of sensitive data being stored and where it is held, alerting on any data that is out of line with compliance regulations.

The Result – A 93.3% per year cost saving using automated data discovery versus manual data scanning

Resource Reduction

Resource reduction
By automating the process, the cost of running the team was massively reduced and resources were reallocated to different tasks strengthening the bank’s digital security posture.

Audit Response

Quickly respond to audits
The bank is now able to easily and quickly answer any questions raised during internal and external audits and show, thorough reports, that data is being managed correctly.

Improved Compliance

Improved compliance
Automation of the process of sensitive data discovery means the bank is no longer at risk of breaching regulations due to human error or through a member of staff missing a key piece of sensitive data.

Continual employee training

Continual employee training
SecurEnvoy Data Discovery sends real-time alerts to users when they are about to create or save a file containing sensitive data in a way that breaks company policy. This process educates employees about how to handle data, constantly improving the way that data is managed internally.


Solution Highlights

  • Not Heavyweight DLP
  • Quick to Deploy
  • Easy to Use
  • No Business Distruption
  • Little Admin Time Needed
  • Scan Atlassian products on-premise and in the cloud

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