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To protect your data you must first understand it – we can help you achieve both.

The retail sector is constantly entrusted with highly sensitive customer and employee data, with a high intellectual property value and extremely private content.

Big data is here, there are ever more ways to create data, and the retail sector needs to cope with that increase. Data content can be customer records, research data, staff HR records, video, photography, strategic plans, contracts, marketing materials etc – structured or unstructured, highly valuable – digital content management is a complex task without the rights tools.

Fines can be large for data breaches and lack of compliance, there is plenty of evidence highlighting the size and scale – enough to close businesses. But customer trust is also another big issue, reputation in a digital age can spread faster than ever.

So what value do data discovery, data classification and data protection have to your business? The instinct is to lead with data protection, and there is of course huge value there, but the value of a business understanding its data, and the value of employees appreciating the value of data also have business benefits.

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SecureIdentity Platform – Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution from SecurEnvoy

The SecureIdentity Platform from SecurEnvoy delivers you a tool that ensures you can discover, classify and protect your data – any data, any location, any platform. It is a comprehensive tool that enables organisations to simply apply business effective policies, ensuring corporate policy compliance in a digital world.

The solution is modular, built from the ground up as a DLP solution, is data agnostic with extensive classification, is effective across Microsoft, Apple and Linux, provides coverage for endpoints, servers, network and cloud – it is a comprehensive solution.

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*250% retail data breach increase in 2018 – UK retail – ( / BDO Report)
**25% retail businesses breached in 2018 – UK Retail – ( / BDO Report)

***14,000 data breaches were logged from May 2018 to May 2019, 89,271 within the EU – (BBC News / UK Information Commissioners Office)