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Manchester Metropolitan University


Top marks for Tokenless Two-Factor Authentication

University successfully meets the twin challenges of security and remote access

IT security is playing an increasing role within the higher eduction sector. Universities like MMU are facing an increase in demand for secure, remote access to teaching resources, student records, and everyday applications.

Two-factor authentication is becoming standard for remote access, but not all 2FA methods are equal. Use of a hardware token, such as a USB flash drive, provides 2FA but can prove both expensive and time consuming to manage. Also, if a token is lost, the user is unable to log on.

For ease of use, overall cost and manageability, MMU chose a tokenless solution from SecurEnvoy.

SecurAccess leverages a user’s existing mobile device to deliver the passcode via SMS, as an email or using a soft token app. This eliminates the cost and time associated with purchasing and distributing physical tokens.

University staff are now able to access the HR system, which contains details of vacancies, holidays, pay slips and training courses.

Employees are no longer physically tied to the campus, as SecurEnvoy also provides access to student records and a wide range of curriculum resources.

Going forward, all new employees at MMU will receive a user license via email. Initial registration will need to take place on campus, but once registered, users will be able to benefit from secure, remote login to the VPN.

Passcodes are for one-time use only. Once used, the passcode expires and immediately replaced by a new one. This way a ‘fresh” code is always available whenever a user logs in.

We place great value on the implementation of IT security measures. We have to ensure our systems and data are protected while making sure access to the systems and data are protected while making sure access to the systems is as simple as possible for staff working remotely. The soft-token technology from SecurEnvoy fits perfectly with this approach.” – Mike Preece, IT Services Solutions Architect, MMU


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