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The education sector requires a high level of IT security, especially with the general increasing demand for data security and privacy, particularly following the introduction of new legislation like GDPR, for example. This was the case with UK based John Leggott Sixth Form College. Established in 1968, John Leggott College is a leading sixth form provider with over 1600 students. Ensuring secure access to its remote desktop solution for its staff was a priority, allowing them a more flexible working solution. Relying on “passwords only” for authentication was proving too much of a risk for the college and was identified as a weak spot for a potential breach, as passwords can easily be compromised.

With a number of its staff using the Remote Desktop solution, John Leggott College was keen to add two factor authentication as an additional layer of security to reduce its vulnerability to cyber threats.  Identity is now widely seen as the new perimeter for any organisation’s cyber defences.

SecurEnvoy was recommended by John Leggott College’s trusted partner. The SecurEnvoy solution was seen as cost effective, as it provided John Leggott College with the flexibility to purchase only the number of licenses it required. “Not all of our staff members use Remote Desktop so we were able to purchase the number of licenses we need and then use them quite flexibly. I mean it did fit well with our budget in terms of price”, states the IT Manager at John Leggott College.

An online demonstration provided by SecurEnvoy enabled John Leggott College to get a better understanding of the functionality of the solution and reassurance that the SecureIdentity MFA solution was the right choice for now and futureproofing any future authentication needs, “we wanted that reassurance that it was relatively easy and simple to set up, which it was”, explains the IT Manager. Using the SecurEnvoy app, John Leggott College’s staff receives the one-time passcode directly to their mobile phones, without the requirement for an additional hardware device.

When compared to the competition offering hardware tokens, the virtual token from SecurEnvoy was a better and more reliable option for John Leggott College. With mobile phones being an important personal device, users are more likely to be aware of its whereabouts and unlikely to lose it. Additionally, being recommended by its trusted partner, meant SecurEnvoy was the correct option for John Leggott College.

SecureIdentity MFA was also chosen as it is simple, easy to maintain and adds an additional layer of security to John Leggott College’s Remote Desktop solution. “In terms of your solution, the benefits are obviously, improved security. That’s the main reason we purchased it. It is quite nice to have that added layer of security”, concludes the IT Manager at John Leggott College.


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