Who ate all the pies?

Access from within or from outside has got to be controlled, but it’s the only way to keep the business running at today’s fast pace, for users to gain access wherever they are and at any time.

So why don’t we know when they access the network and what they retrieve or download? Well, we think we do, but how do we know who was at the other end of the secure pipe? That’s the question! Is it the remote user we were hoping it would be or is it someone who has hijacked anothers’ identity to access?

Well, if we don’t know then we don’t know how to control access and hence when the pies are all gone the question is asked, “who ate them all”? Too late when it’s after the event and they’ve all gone, why not block access before it’s a problem and before the damage is irreversible?

The question every business should ask is what makes your organisation stay in business? Your clients, your product, your staff, your pricing, whatever it is it’s got to be worth protecting from uninvited eyes! If not then unless you are selling from a hot-dog stand, then your business doesn’t have long left.

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