Secure contactless authentication via NFC

Near Field Communication, or NFC for short, has been increasingly making a name for itself: near field communication over short distances using wireless technology has already been introduced in contactless payment systems, for example. The new iPhone 6, and its big brother 6 Plus, are also equipped with the technology in the form of a chip. In the future, it will be possible to carry out unique user identification via this. The patent-pending One Swipe method from SecurEnvoy allows users to prove their identity by simply ‘swiping’ a smartphone across a laptop or tablet screen. All SecurEnvoy solutions already support the new iOS 8 operating system.

Farewell complex password logins – hello contactless authentication. With One Swipe, SecurEnvoy foresaw the inclusion of the NFC chip in the iPhone 6. “We think the future of authentication will involve a simple swipe of an iPhone across a laptop or tablet NFC sensor to provide unambiguous identification,” explains Andy Kemshall, Technical Director at SecurEnvoy. “We are proud of having developed new forms of user identification and new ways to log in, particularly when working remotely, that are simpler to use than passwords but which still offer all the security advantages of two-factor authentication.”

The current One Swipe method works as follows: the user generates, in the soft token app for smartphones, a one-time QR code that contains important login and user information and then simply holds this code in front of a webcam on a laptop or tablet in order to prove his/her identity and thus gain access to the network. In the future the user will also have the option to transmit via NFC instead of scanning this QR code.

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