PRIMAGAS protects remote access to its corporate network using SecurAccess tokenless two-factor authentication

The company PRIMAGAS, which is based in Krefeld in Germany, supplies liquefied gas to approximately 80,000 customers across the country, including private households, businesses and public institutions. “Safety first”, this top priority of PRIMAGAS does not only apply for energy carrier and technical installations. The same care is required with regard to access to the company’s corporate network – if this were not secured sufficiently, sensitive data could fall into the hands of cyber-criminals, who could cause damage as a result. In order to protect its IT infrastructure, PRIMAGAS therefore introduced the SecurAccess two-factor authentication solution from SecurEnvoy. With this, users identify themselves using their personal login information and also an additional numerical passcode that they receive via SMS or e-mail.

PRIMAGAS ensures timely and reliable deliveries to customers via its nationwide transport logistics network in Germany, which features storage tanks with the capacity to hold several thousand tons of liquefied gas. In addition, around 230 office and field staff and more than 3,000 sales partners provide technical customer service advice regarding all matters relating to the liquefied gas. In order to allow (field) staff, business unit managers and external partners to securely access the corporate network, PRIMAGAS installed the SecurAccess software solution.

Webinar and testing made the choice easy

A webinar held by the SecurEnvoy distributor ProSoft provided the decision makers at PRIMAGAS with more information about the tokenless two-factor authentication solution. The fact that no additional tokens are required was crucial – rather than dedicated tokens, mobile phones or smartphones that are already available are used. These receive an SMS or e-mail containing a passcode, which a user enters in addition to his/her username and password when logging into the network. The user thereby provides dual proof of his/her identity. After the product had been tested within the company environment, it was installed within half a day during normal operations by the consulting and service provision company SPIRIT/21.

“Our employees and partners previously logged in using only usernames and passwords – which is not enough to protect our sensitive data against unauthorised access,” comments Christian Stichmann, application manager at PRIMAGAS. “With SecurAccess we have found a cost-effective alternative that provides a dual layer of security access. The product impressed us right away, and we had no need to take a look at other solutions of this kind. We have not regretted our decision; all the SecurAccess users are very satisfied. For an investment of around €5,000 we have thereby strengthened our security shield significantly.”


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