one tap, one swipe; the key to keeping your secrets

Keeping secrets secure has been an issue since early Inuit’s kept information from one  tribe to another, so this isn’t a new phenomenon. What has changed is it’s no longer if data can be kept secret, it’s a question of keeping the data out of the wrong hands! Information can be kept secure, that isn’t in question. What is being asked is how can I  reduce how easy it’s become to get to these ‘secrets’? Identity protection has been a challenge and in recent years has become progressively more challenging.

So what has happened and what’s the reason? Several decades ago we were using screens with single colours, referred to as the green screens or in some cases amber! Betamax and VHS videos once the rage were superseded by CDs and of course now even the DVD is surpassed by the BlueRay disk. Mobiles once the size of a building brick can now be smaller than your wallet and even worn on the wrist. So the progression has been as fast and furious as the security vulnerabilities have risen.

So why? Whenever there’s a potential that someone can benefit from another’s misfortunes, so it will happen and occur more often and in greater force. In human nature its sometimes referred to as ‘one mans loss is another’s gain’. This has lead to the increase in our awareness of security compromises, its a daily occurence.

Security is the vehicle used to reduce the liability of being compromised, so to protect your business digital assets requires an end to end solution that allows the company’s data and employees identities to be protected against theft and compromise. When it was said your security is only as strong as your weakest point, it’s a good reminder to never take security for granted and to look for that weakest link; this is the most likely point of compromise.

Taking the right steps doesn’t have to weigh down the users or the systems processes to a grinding halt either, quite interestingly it can have a positive outcome and have the opposite affect! We recently found from customer feedback that implementing the right solutions can actually reduce the overhead and in many cases make the laborious steps of typing username, password, pin and passcode down to literally a swipe or a tap.

Our ‘one swipe’ solution allows just ‘one tap’ or ‘one swipe’ that opens the browser to the right login page, sends the users credentials through the session and you’ve made the securest solution on the market today that easily!

Sometimes less really is more!!

Published: 14 March 2016

Category: Industry News

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