Multi-factor authentication doesn’t need to be hard

There was a time when two-factor authentication was a major undertaking. New servers had to be installed, security tokens had to be purchased, distributed and registered to their owners and then Support desks had to be created to handle queries from users and to service requests for replacements for lost tokens. But that was then …………

The whole process was expensive, and took a great deal of time and planning. It could take months or years to put in place and then required a substantial level of support to keep going.

But since SecurEnvoy came up with the concept of Tokenless authentication, that has all changed. Now it is possible to set up authentication for a whole organisation in an hour or two.

Instead of needing to carry specialist tokens, users can nominate the device of their choice – usually a mobile phone or tablet they already possess – to receive their one-time passcodes.

In addition, the registration of users is done using information already stored in the organisation’s own network directory. So there is no need for new special servers to run the service. This means that from a standing start, it is possible to register up to 100,000 users per hour.

The SecurEnvoy service also integrates easily with a wide range of commonly used applications such as Salesforce [need to add a few more here]. This means that when a user logs on remotely from anywhere in the world, having keyed in their username, password, and their one-time passcode, they get access to the full range of corporate applications. In other words, a single sign-on gives them full access as if they were sitting back in the office on the corporate network.

From the standpoint of the individual user, registration is perfectly simple. Each user receives a 6-digit code to their nominated device which they key in when logging on for the first time, and the process is complete. If they later decide to change their phone or switch to a tablet, they can manage the process themselves easily without having to call a support desk. 

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Multi-Factor Authentication



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