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A&S wanted to keep the complexity of an MFA solution to a minimum: “Installation was as simple as installing apps on workers’ mobile devices via QR code. Our workers need speedy and secure access to our network and to the data it carries. SecurEnvoy has enabled us to achieve these twin goals and guarantee total security to our clients” 

A&S Engineering is a leading supplier of CAD designs and prototypes to the car industry. Based in Fulda, Germany, the company works with many of the industry’s biggest and most demanding clients.

In an industry where any competitive advantage is closely guarded, security of design information is often a critical requirement. A&S were driven to improve their existing security requirements by two key factors: Firstly, that one of the industry’s biggest players insisted on top-level security across their supply chain, and secondly German law has placed much stronger data security requirements on all businesses.

The Challenge:

A&S engineering faced the same challenge that many businesses do: How to deliver infallible data security which would keep their own, and their clients data safe, without disrupting the day-to-day working of their 60-strong design team? With an audit looming, the company wasted no time in contacting SecurEnvoy for help in overcoming the challenge.

Having sought third-party advice as to the leading 2FA technologies on the market, A&S contacted SecurEnvoy. After fully exploring the company’s requirement, we implemented our SecurAccess solution, which provides highly secure 256-bit AE encryption in a form which cause minimal disruption during implementation or daily usage. It means that even if the client’s network were to be compromised, data remains protected from prying eyes.

Installation was as simple as installing apps on workers’ mobile devices via QR code (SecurAccess works across Windows Mobile, Android, iOS and BlackBerry). Each user was sent an individualized “key” in the form of a seed record, which their device then matches to a unique key it generates itself. Both keys are then entered into the network via a registration page to a complete set-up. And From hereon, users simply log in on the company’s network with a PC or laptop. Using the passcodes sent to their devices.”

The Solution: 2FA – how does it work?

  1. Worker logs in to the network via their laptop
  2. Confirmation code generated by SecurEnvoy (refreshed every 30 seconds)
  3. Code sent to worker’s known mobile device via SecurEnvoy App
  4. Worker confirms code received by entering it into laptop
  5. Session created and authentication process is successful everytime.


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