Data Sprawl

Data Sprawl – Data Data Everywhere but not a drop to sync

Ben Norcutt 03/06/2021 Industry News

How to keep track of your data everywhere, on-premises or in the cloud.

Who, What, Where, When, How?  These are all questions we can ask ourselves when it comes to our data and who has access to it, but the fundamental one that we need to address first is where?

IDC predicts that the world’s data will surpass 175 zettabytes by 2025 – more than tripling the volume of stored data in 2020.  We have certainly seen a boom in cloud storage, with some companies using cloud storage as their only data repository. The explosion of working from home,is a practice that’s only going to increase and means we can no longer rely on the traditional castle walls and moat approach to securing our data.

How SecurEnvoy Data Discovery Essentials can help

Before we can implement controls, we need to know where our sensitive data is and SecurEnvoy Data Discovery Essentials is one such tool that can assist. DDE can scour those on-premise and cloud based data repositories using one of it’s many in-built templates such as PCI or PII data and report back it’s findings. It is possible to alert users that they have sensitive data stored, give them the instructions on how to remediate the risk by removing the sensitive data or indicate why it’s being stored where it is. This gives the organisation the visibility and ability to reduce the risk of a potential data breach and the financial and reputation risk that comes with it.

Discovery scans can be scheduled to run on a regular basis to give an informed view and trending information on the sensitive data stored across your data repositories to ensure you remain compliant with best practice, whilst reducing the risk of an expensive data breach.

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