SecurEnvoy Celebrates 20 Years of Authentication Leadership: A Journey of Innovation and Excellence

SecurEnvoy Celebrates 20 Years of Authentication Leadership: A Journey of Innovation and Excellence

Forging The Path in Tokenless Authentication Technology: Highlighting Key Milestones as an Industry Leading Force

Since being founded in 2003, SecurEnvoy has delivered two decades of transformative innovation to the authentication security market. Today it celebrates 20 years of achievement and reflects on its pivotal role in shaping the landscape of enterprise security.

A Landmark in Tokenless Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

In a groundbreaking move, SecurAccess was introduced in 2005, emerging as one of the early global pioneers of commercial SMS-based two-factor authentication solutions. At a time when hardware-based, one-time password (OTP) tokens were prevalent, often utilising key fobs, SecurAccess harnessed the developing mobile technology landscape. This strategic move made authentication easier, more manageable, and impressively over 60% more cost-effective for businesses compared to market alternatives at the time.

An Unwavering Commitment to Innovation

Innovation has always been the cornerstone of SecurEnvoy’s identity. The journey began with the launch of a patented secure email product, SecurMail, enabling encrypted emails to be sent securely to any recipient without prior enrolment. Expanding further into user authentication, the company ventured into remote access, emergency access, and self-service password reset (SSPR) solutions.

Yet, SecurEnvoy’s innovation extended beyond technology, disrupting markets commercially from its inception. The company bid farewell to the traditional perpetual licensing and maintenance model, introducing a groundbreaking annual subscription model that would soon become commonplace across the industry.

Charting New Frontiers: SecurEnvoy’s Evolution

In 2018, the release of the SecurEnvoy Access Management Solution marked a new chapter, transitioning from on-premise multi-factor authentication to a comprehensive Access Management solution. Rooted in zero-trust principles, this solution struck a harmonious balance between seamless user access and robust security. Its flexibility allowed organisations to choose deployment options, from vendor-hosted SaaS offerings to private cloud, datacentre or a fully managed service.

Complementing this advancement, SecurEnvoy’s sophisticated Sensitive Data Discovery Platform empowers customers to automatically discover and understand sensitive data across their digital estate. The combination of Access Management and Data Discovery solutions enables organisations to implement precise access controls, reducing the risk of security breaches,  compliance non-conformity and related fines.

Adam Bruce, Chief Revenue Officer of SecurEnvoy, emphasised, “The quality of our products and our genuinely innovative ideas have consistently set SecurEnvoy apart from competitors. Our agility and responsiveness to customer needs have ensured our resilience, relevance, and sustainability.”

A Global Footprint and Passionate Customers

Found in over 35 countries across all continents, SecurEnvoy has established a global footprint of customers. The growth of its partner network has fostered a channel and partner-based business model, enlisting hundreds of resellers, MSPs and technology partners catering to a vast clientele.

Industry and peer recognition would result in, not one, but two Queen’s Awards for Enterprise presented to SecurEnvoy. The first being the Queen’s Award 2011 for Innovation, which acknowledged a dedication to excellence. The second, the Queen’s Award 2014 for International Trade, celebrated SecurEnvoy’s success in reaching a global scale.

Empowered by Shearwater Group Plc

In 2017, the company was acquired by Shearwater Group Plc, an AIM-listed organisation focused on digital resilience. This strategic move bolstered SecurEnvoy’s stature, aligning with Shearwater’s vision and leadership expertise, propelling the company to new heights.

“Through this acquisition, we joined a community of like-minded innovators, each striving to make a positive impact in the industry,” added Phil Underwood, CIO of SecurEnvoy. “Shearwater’s vision, coupled with the wealth of experience within the leadership team, propelled SecurEnvoy to new heights. Now a member of this family for 6 years, SecurEnvoy continues to enjoy strong support from its parent company as we invest in industry-defining solutions.”


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