• End-of-Support (EOS) Notice

    SecurEnvoy SecurAccess v5.x.xxx, v6.x.xxx, v7.x.xxx, v8.x.xxx 

    SecurEnvoy is continually evolving our products and service offerings to ensure we live up to the security standards you have come to expect from us. To achieve these standards, our team is not able to continuously support older, outdated versions of our software products from time to time. In order to continue future enhancements, today we are announcing the end-of-support dates for SecurAccess versions prior to version 9.x.xxx.

    You can download the full notice here which includes information on the dates, migration opportunities and support.

    This policy outlines how we handle support for software products that we have discontinued and if you have questions or would like more information, email us at support@securenvoy.com or call your regional SecurEnvoy office. 

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    EOS Notice
    End of Support Notice for SecurAccess v5.x.xxx, v6.x.xxx, v7.x…

    SecurEnvoy is continually evolving our products and service offerings…

    SecurEnvoy Support Team, 30/11/2018, Developers
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    Find out more information on the Technical Specifications.

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    SecurEnvoy version 9.4

  • Important Notice

    Version 9.4 is now available for download, now including support for TOTP Hardware Tokens and including multiple fixes. A full list of changes are available in the following Release Notes.

    We also recommend the use of a download manager for http users who experience difficulty downloading. 


    Supported OS -  Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016 or Windows Server 2019. IIS must be Installed with the default website.

    SMS Gateway - This trial license allows for a number of free SMS messages via AQL and CM. To use this, the security server requires a connection to the internet via https (non-authenticating proxies are supported).

    Service Account - For direct LDAP user integration, an admin account with read all and write access to the TelexNumber attributes in Active Directory or other supported LDAP server (for Active Directory, any account in the domain admin group or a user account with write access to primaryTelexNumber and TelexNumber see Server Installation Guide section 6.2 for more information. Alternatively if no external LDAP integration is required select LDAP type "SecurEnvoy managed Users".

  • SMS Gateway

    Back in the early days of authentication, organisations were reliant on hardware tokens to generate a secure passcode. But that solution was clumsy and prone to unforeseen expenses – with tokens frequently lost, broken or expiring.

    Modern tokenless systems use mobile devices to make roll-out and management much easier. Here at SecurEnvoy, we brought the first-ever tokenless two-factor authentication market.


    Technical Support

    SecurEnvoy operates through a number of highly trained channel partners that bring the added benefit of technical expertise in our products and the third party products integrations. Your first point of call should always be with your reseller. If you need any additional assistance, contact us at support@securenvoy.com.


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