Data Discovery
Essentials (DDE)

Essential data discovery for any organisation.

Understand your data quickly. Effective and easy-to-use data
discovery for data visibility across your entire digital estate.

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Discover sensitive data across the whole digital estate


Data Discovery Essentials

Do you know where your sensitive data

Organisations are finding it increasingly difficult to
keep track of where sensitive data resides and
assess the risk.

SecurEnvoy Data Discovery Essentials (DDE) is a
highly automated solution for discovering
confidential and sensitive information, on premise
or in the cloud. Providing comprehensive data
visibility, it is simple and elegant to deploy and

Ideal for conducting quick risk assessments across
your entire digital estate and supporting
compliance processes including data subject
access requests (DSARs).

Data Discovery and Extraction has never been simpler


Data Discovery Essentials

Data Discovery

Rapidly locate sensitive data and intellectual property across a multitude of data repositories, endpoints, servers, external drives, USBs, Office 365, and cloud storage environments.

  • Pre-configured and customisable search patterns
  • Comprehensive monitoring of data-at-rest

Data Discovery Essentials

Data Extraction

Easily review, collate, and use automated data extraction for reporting and analysis of your organisation’s data risk posture.

  • Search and extract unstructured data to a central repository
  • Quickly build repositories from dispersed enterprise data
  • Extract data in a variety of formats (HTML, CSV, XLSX)
  • Unified search and reporting for all end-points, file servers, Alfresco and Office365 Apps
  • User-friendly dashboards and dynamically created HERO reports

Award winning content level understanding

Our patented fingerprinting, base classification and machine learning algorithms deliver you a comprehensive
understanding of the full content coverage across your digital estate in real time.

SecurEnvoy DDE offers a seamless and transparent end user and enterprise experience designed to support everyday workflows – without disrupting user productivity.

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Custom Search Attributes

Pre-defined Custom
Search Attributes

End user Experience

Seamless and
transparent end user

User Productivity

Supports everyday
workflows without
disrupting user productivity

Do you need a full Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution?

Our DDE platform is perfect for organisations to truly understand what data they have and where it is. If you need full classification and data loss protection you will need our DLP platform.

Learn more about our DLP platform here >

Locate data for regulatory compliance


Data Discovery Essentials

Pre-defined search rules include GDPR, PCI, HIPAA

Automated and flexible search task options use pre-defined and bespoke rule sets. Complex queries are carried out using Compound Search Tasks.

It’s a challenge to manage, protect and secure the growing
amount of sensitive information across the enterprise. You
need to ensure regulatory compliance and reassure customers’
identity and data will not be compromised.

SecurEnvoy DDE discovers sensitive and high value data across
multiple data repositories in a single platform:

  • Personally identifiable information (PII), payment card
    information (PCI), health records, HIPAA etc.
  • Ensure compliance with GDPR, Subject Access (SAR) and Right
    to be Forgotten requests
  • Enhance your opportunity to protect high value commercial
    information from internal and external security threats, including
    intellectual property (IP), patents, code and other knowhow.

Straightforward and simple

Endpoint Manager

A user interface to manage search tasks, devices, users,
licence and other areas of SecurEnvoy DDE

Endpoint Agent

Installed on each of the monitored endpoints. Available for
Windows, Mac, Linux. Windows agents can also be deployed
on Windows Server 2012+ and.msi files can be deployed using
systems such as GPO and SCCM.

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Data Discovery Essentials

SecurEnvoy Data Loss Prevention for Enhanced Data Security


Data Discovery Essentials

SecurEnvoy Data Discover Essentials (DDE) is a quick and easy to use tool for discovering, extracting and analysing data risk across your entire digital estate.

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Data Discovery Essentials

SecurEnvoy Data Loss Prevention (DLP) provides enhanced data security, inspecting data in real-time to stop data loss from internal and external cyber security threats.

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