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Hewden, the UK’s number one equipment rental provider, has chosen SecurAccess from SecurEnvoy to authenticate remote access to their business critical data and applications.

SecurAccess is a cost-effective, two-factor authentication solution that uses mobile phones as a virtual token. It eliminates hardware and deployment management problems and prevents social engineering and key logging attacks.

Hewden had originally considered the use of hardware tokens to add a second authentication factor to its remote workforce, but opted for virtual tokens as the most appropriate and effective solution. Instead of using, and inevitably replacing tokens, the virtual option means that a one-time passcode is sent to a remote worker’s mobile phone. When they need to log on remotely, they simply enter their standard user name and Microsoft password, plus the passcode from their mobile phone. Once the passcode has been used, a new one is sent and the previous passcode is overwritten, so the user will only ever see one passcode on their phone.

Using SecurAccess has saved Hewden over 50% cent of the cost of using hardware tokens. Not only is the user licence more cost effective than purchasing and replacing tokens, but deployment costs are lower too. The company does not need to post out tokens or send its employees on a training course. In fact, the handover to Hewden’s IT support team took just four hours in total. And because the SecurAccess solution is so straightforward, Hewden’s employees do not have to spend valuable time on the phone to support staff.

SecurAccess provides a brilliantly simple solution to a perennial IT problem. Hardware tokens are expensive,  not user friendly and all too easy to lose and break.  Mobile phones provide a much more robust solution and  are very straightforward to use. Our remote workers don’t have to remember extra passwords or codes and so there has been a very high level of user acceptance.

Tom Mann, Infrastructure Manager, Hewden



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