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EE (T-Mobile)

T-Mobile, one Europe’s leading mobile operators, has enabled its remote workforce to use their mobile phones to gain secure access to corporate systems, thanks to a three-year deal signed with SecurEnvoy. Three thousand UK employees are now using SecurAccess; SecurEnvoy’s cost-effective, two-factor authentication solution that transforms mobile phones into virtual tokens. An additional 2,000 T-Mobile staff are the first to register for SecurICE, SecurEnvoy’s new emergency service that enables them to access the company’s network immediately and securely if they are prevented from coming in to work.Instead of using tokens or smart-cards, the SecurAccess system will strongly authenticate T-Mobile’s remote workforce by sending a passcode to their mobile phones. When users wish to log on to the corporate system, they simply enter their Microsoft User ID and password, followed by the passcode that has been pre-enabled on their mobile phone. Once the passcode has been used, it is superseded with a new one sent to the phone.T-Mobile expects to make considerable savings by swapping from token-based two-factor authentication to SecurAccess. The user licence is cheaper than purchasing, replacing and distributing tokens, and deployment costs are lower, with no need for extensive training courses.Adam Bruce, UK Channel Manager for SecurEnvoy commented, “Winning the T-Mobile account is something that we are very  proud of at SecurEnvoy. Who better than a mobile phone  company to understand and endorse the power of mobile phones! They are also the perfect partner to be using our new SecurICE service, which no other authentication vendor can deliver. We are proud to continue to be the innovators of authentication; we are delivering the next generation now.”

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