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Enhancing Security and User Experience with SecurEnvoy MFA

SecurEnvoy helps New York based media and post-production company to significantly improve their security with ease.

PostWorks New York

About the Company

PostWorks New York is an independently owned global post-production group providing a full service digital motion picture and TV post-production facility. Established over 25 years ago, the company is a Netflix certified partner with a vast portfolio of clients including Apple TV, HBO, Amazon Prime, Paramount and MGM to name just a few.

Challenge – Protecting all digital assets throughout the organisation in a secure and user-friendly way

Recognising the limitations and perceived inadequacies of their existing native Citrix Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) system, leading media and postproduction company PostWorks New York, sought an alternative solution that would suit their growing digital security needs.

Wanting to enhance both user experience and environmental security, PostWorks New York was recommended SecurEnvoy MFA by North American IT managed service provider LANStatus. It was highlighted as a more user-friendly solution that would enable end-users to manage password resets and protect their businesscritical data and assets without worry.

Initial research and successful subsequent bench testing by the IT engineering team at PostWorks New York highlighted the ease of implementation, user friendliness and economic feasibility of the SecurEnvoy MFA solution, all of which were key deciding factors.

The user-friendly password management and comprehensive logging and notifications features included were also recognised as core benefits that would contribute to improved operational efficiency and enable the organisation to efficiently streamline their security monitoring.

Speaking about the recommendation and transition of PostWorks New York to SecurEnvoy MFA, Michael Urgero, Consulting Manager, LANStatus, LLC commented,

“We were incredibly impressed by the seamless implementation. Working closely with both SecurEnvoy and PostWorks, we were confident in our recommendation and knew the MFA solution would enhance PostWorks’ security measures. Assisting in the transition, they now have the perfect solution to gain greater control and security over their digital assets for the foreseeable future.

In response to the successful transition and recommendation, Patrick Gombos, Information Technology Director, at PostWorks New York said,

“SecurEnvoy understood our requirements and delivered on its promises by effectively fulfilling our need for improved multi-factor authentication while also offering efficient password reset capabilities.

We couldn’t be happier with our decision to partner with SecurEnvoy MFA which is flexible for our needs as we continue to grow.”

Result – Smooth MFA deployment, giving complete environmental security

As a result of the successful implementation, PostWorks New York has been able to fulfil their need for multi-factor authentication and streamlined password management processes comprehensively and cost-effectively. The improved security measures have bolstered their overall environmental security, enhancing protection against potential threats. Additionally, the smooth deployment and responsive support have reinforced their decision and solidified SecurEnvoy as an integral component of their security infrastructure.


Solution Highlights

  • Enhanced user experience and environmental security
  • Streamlined password management with notification features
  • Smooth deployment and ongoing responsive support
  • Flexible solution suitable for growing digital security needs

SecurEnvoy Customers

SecurEnvoy understood our requirements and delivered on its promises.

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