Meet the Team:  Scott Kaplan, Director of Sales, East Americas

In our latest “meet the team, we get to know our man in Florida: Director of Sales, East America, Scott Kaplan


SecurEnvoy: Scott, welcome to the team. It’s around two months now since you joined us, and you’ve already made an impression as being a real “team player” where does that come from?

SK: Being part of a team has always been important to me: I volunteer for South Florida Technology Alliance as part of a team supporting local education and I work as a basketball coach at my local YMCA. Closer to home, I also work as a close team with my brother caring for my 85-year-old Mom, and I volunteer at my children’s Library whenever I’m needed. I like to mentor kids as I see a lot of bullying in schools – and in life – today and want to do my bit to prevent that.

SecurEnvoy: That sounds like quite a schedule.  We know you’re a family man, when you get a moment to spend some real family time, what do you do to unwind?

SK: As a single dad, I really like to involve myself in my kids’ (Lorena 8 and Nathan 11) lives and spend most of my free time with them. Other than that, having started off my working life in the New York Deli industry, I’m a bit of a foodie and love to cook. Plus, self-improvement is a big part of my life, both in terms of my own health and wellness, and motivating others to make positive change.

SecurEnvoy: Sounds like your kids have a super dad! And after you’ve put the kids to bed, and have time to sit down for some “Scott Time”, what’s your go-to entertainment?

SK: I’ve broad tastes when it comes to entertainment – one minute you might find me reading Sun TZU’s art of War, the next I could be watching Curb your Enthusiasm, or rocking out to some Led Zeppelin!

SecurEnvoy: You’ve certainly had a motivating impact on the team here so far.  Bringing us back to the workplace, what is it that led you to joining the SecurEnvoy team?

SK: My personnel and technology goals have gravitated toward security sales and management. I  wanted to help build something with people that I worked with and were successful in the past. I also like where the company is heading and the leadership team.

Bringing my experience to forefront, know I will be heard and can drive change. It has been a fun 6 weeks and I am able to go back to customers, partners and alliances from my past, reconnect and tell our cyber security story. 

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