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Phil Underwood – SecurHIVE

Through 2019, 30% of organisations are still expected to spend on GDPR compliance initiatives and 40% are adding additional security […]


With SecureIdentity MFA we have found a cost-effective alternative that provides a dual layer of security access. We have thereby strengthened our security shield significantly.

Government – Dave Mansfield

By deploying SecureIdentity MFA from SecurEnvoy we were able to enhance our user experience. The fact that we were able […]

The Princes Trust

SecurAccess was the best system for us as it wasn’t as costly as the competition and was much easier and […]


Using SecurAccess, we’ve achieved what we set out to do. We’re compliant with PCI DSS, all our employees with laptops […]


We make sure that our customers are fully aware of how seriously we take security and have integrated SecurAccess as […]

Technology [UK]

Two-factor authentication using SMS is scalable, has a competitive pricing model, ensures business continuity and fits perfectly with our mission […]

Retail [UK]

Our operations are now streamlined as we have a simple software solution for two-factor authentication that back-ends to existing LDAP […]


SecurEnvoy has allowed us to be truly flexible with no compromise on performance and security. The tokenless two factor authentication […]


Since rolling out SecurEnvoy we have been able to significantly reduce our administrative overhead and the overall cost of the […]