Version 9.3 Released

Version 9.3 Released


SecurEnvoy is proud to release the latest version, v9.3 (available here), of our SecurAccess MFA solution that addresses market needs, customer feedback and a number of additional security enhancements, to create a new Security baseline for our range of Virtual Security appliances and our Cloud Security model (CSP).

Additionally, as part of our commitment to providing the most secure products on the market, we regularly check the security of our own product for known threats. As a result of these routine practices, we have  a v9.3 release  categorized as a High Priority Security Release. We recommend that all customers running v9.2 upgrade as soon as possible to v9.3 (available here). All previous versions remain unaffected.


Our Testing Process

Each of our releases undergoes a rigorous testing environment to ensure we exceed the security expectations of our clients and customers. Similarly, this update has gone through rigorous testing including a 3GRC Penetration Test in this release to provide our clients assurance over risks in this latest release. The release completed and passed a rigorous assessment of our business processes, data security and security testing methodologies through 3GRC, a CREST Approved Member. 3GRC consultants hold numerous CREST certifications, including CREST Certified Tester, CREST Registered Tester and CREST Certified Simulated Attack Manager, amongst other industry recognized certifications. 

Our Release Process

In addition to the v9.3 release, we have updated our release classifications to be transparent and to make it easier to understand the circumstances behind our releases in the future. Each classification is outlined below. Regardless, we always recommend updating to the latest version, following best-practice guidelines and maintaining up-to-date security environments. 

Basic Release – Basic releases are issued as the result of routine enhancements to address performance, user experience, and other non-security related updates. While this is not an update related directly to security, our team believes it will improve your performance and satisfaction with our product(s). We always recommend staying up to date on the most recent update and release.

Priority Security Release – Priority releases are issued as the result of routine enhancements to address potential or expected threats from the ever-elevating threat levels in our world, not to address any known breaches or attacks on our system or yours. While no known breaches or attacks have occurred, we highly recommend considering this update to ensure and maintain security.

High Priority Security Release – High Priority releases are issued as the result of routine enhancements to address known threats  that could impact the security protection of our system. While no known breaches or attacks have occurred, immediate action is required to ensure and maintain security.

Emergency Priority Security Release – Emergency Priority releases are issued as the result of known breaches or attacks on our system or that of a client or customer. Urgent, immediate action is required as the threat is considered imminent. Our team is available to assist in any way we can to ensure a smooth transition and to ensure your system is secure.

Upcoming Releases

Also, as part of our continuing security commitment, we have quite a few exciting items in our forthcoming roadmap. Our same expert team and vigorous testing environments will apply to these new products and releases.  We have also initiated our own ISO27001 program to further expand our disciplines and processes. Our team is available anytime to discuss these exciting new developments.


 About 3GRC

3GRC is a Risk Management Service Provider with three divisions, Software Development, Consultancy Services and Managed Services. The company has a client base of over 200 customers and is recognised as a major supplier of IT Services to a number of ‘blue-chip’ companies.

The 3GRC Risk Management solution combined with 3GRC Managed Services, enhances transparency, reduces risk and improves operational efficiency for the delivery of Penetration Testing as a Service (PTAS). With over 40 years of combined technical experience, their consultants have an in-depth knowledge of Information Security having worked both in government and industry. 3GRC’s Penetration Testing Services are based on industry best practices and proven methodologies.