The Secured Future Podcast – Episode 1 – A Conversation with Simon King

Host: Greg Gerik – @ggerik

Guest: Simon King

With over 20 years of experience working in IT security, Simon has been working within the sector since it was a fledging industry. Having started out at IBM, he moved right through the different technical disciplines to now run the IT team at Infinigate UK. Simon is also a technical specialist advising companies across all sectors in IT security strategies, applications and implications.


Topic List:

0:24: Introduction

3:10: The most important thing in security today (The control of data)

9:28: The role of identity

19:10: Regulatory requirements & the GDPR

23:40: Facebook & data privacy

36:40: Email & Phishing will never go away

41:00: Are you, You? The common thread of identity

44:20: Advice for the CISO buyer


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