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User Identity Management White Paper

Read the white paper to learn how to navigate integration challenges and achieve efficient user identity management.

On-Premise Access Management

This e-guide provides a comprehensive overview of access management solutions and delves into the benefits of using on-premise access management to meet the unique needs organisations have for enhanced security, meeting regulatory compliance, and achieving cost-effectiveness.

SecurEnvoy Data Discovery for Atlassian Suite

SecurEnvoy Data Discovery offers simple, quick and effective data discovery and reporting across Atlassian Confluence, Jira and Bitbucket.

Windows Logon Agent

Securing Legacy Technologies with SecurEnvoy Windows Logon Agent.

Access Management Brochure

Quick to deploy Access Management with simple administration and an intuitive user interface.

MFA Buyer’s Guide

What to consider when assessing multi-factor authentication solutions

MFA Best Practices e-Guide

How to provide MFA tailored to specific user requirements and security levels

MFA On-Premise e-Guide

What to consider when you need the security of an on-premise or private cloud deployment of MFA

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