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Service Level Description

Under the SecurEnvoy Cloud Service Level Agreement (SLA), SecurEnvoy warrant availability of all administration and authentication portals to provide authentication services at no less than 99% of the time during the Service Period.
Availability and Non-availability are calculated using server-side failure rates across the total users for that customer. Under this SLA non-availability must be due only to SECURENVOY’s failure to deliver the required levels of software, infrastructure or both.
Each customer will be eligible to apply for service credits against applicable fees in the event that SECURENVOY do not meet the SLA, and that the affected customer can demonstrate compliance with obligations under the service agreement.

Service Credits

If the warranted levels of monthly uptime percentage are not delivered, customers will be entitled to a service credit subject to the applicable procedures in this agreement.
Monthly Uptime                                    Days Credited
<99% – <95.0%                                      3 days
<95.0% – <90.0%                                  5 days
<90.0%                                                   10 days

A maximum service credit of 10 days in any single calendar month will be applied as an extension to the existing licence agreement and term, and may not be exchanged or converted to monetary amounts.

Customers must request service credit in order to receive any of the above service credits by notifying their SecurEnvoy partner within thirty (30) days of the date service was affected.


Where the Customer has entered into an agreement directly with SecurEnvoy, the Standard Support Coverage will be provided as detailed below.

Enhanced Support offerings are available on application.

“Standard Support Coverage” shall include the following:

9:00 AM through 5:00 PM, local SecurEnvoy HQ time, Monday through Friday (except for any SECURENVOY designated company holidays); and Web Support

All Telephone Support/Maintenance Services are provided remotely from SECURENVOY’s premises as follows

Telephone Support. SECURENVOY shall provide telephone support to the Customer Defined Contact during the hours as stated above. In the performance of the Telephone Support Services, SECURENVOY will:

Use good-faith, commercially reasonable efforts to aid in the diagnosis of, and correct, Errors in the Service; and,

Provide advice on how to use the Products by way of telephone, e-mail, and web-based technical assistance.

Service Support Request Resolution Process

Process. SECURENVOY handles all Customer support Service Requests on a first-in-first-out basis. SECURENVOY shall prioritize all Errors according to the severity of the impact to Customer as assessed by SECURENVOY. SECURENVOY may upgrade or downgrade the severity of an Error depending on developments during the resolution process. For example, if available, a temporary resolution may be provided to mitigate the material impact of a given Error resulting in the reduction of the severity of a Service Request.


Customer Site Contact. The Customer will provide a member of their staff who is familiar with Customer’s software environment and will coordinate all technical support calls to SECURENVOY

Documenting Errors. Customer shall use good-faith, reasonable efforts to isolate and document Errors to enable SECURENVOY to fulfil its obligations herein. Once a Service Request has been initiated, Customer will be asked to provide necessary Error data which may include but not be limited to, applicable identification number for Software or Hardware, description of Error, any error messages, and any requested support files.


Use. Maintenance Services specifically excludes support for any Errors caused by
(i) operator error or use of the Service in a manner inconsistent with the available Product Documentation, features and functionality of the Services; (ii) Errors caused by any fault, in the Customer’s environment, hardware, or in any software used in conjunction with the Service but not provided by or approved by or in the control of SECURENVOY; (iii) any integration, modification, or repair of the Service made by any person other than SECURENVOY; (iv) unusual physical, electrical or electromagnetic stress, fluctuations in electrical power beyond Product specifications, or failure of air conditioning or humidity control; (v) inoperability due to Customer driven increase in demand, network traffic or system resources where this is due to application/network configuration or compromised customer environment, but not limited to DDoS, Virus, Malware, Brute Force, Harvesting attacks; (vi) outages on the internet or elsewhere that hinder access to the tenant or Services. SECURENVOY is not responsible for browser, DNS, firewalls, network or caching that may make Customers’ account appear inaccessible when it is shown that the service is operational and unaffected; (vii) acts or omissions by the Customer or third parties engaged by the Customer including without limitation any negligence, wilful misconduct or use of the Customer’s account in breach of this Agreement; (viii) scheduled maintenance, emergency maintenance and system upgrades; with updates during times of low use or non-standard hours; (ix) accident, misuse, or neglect or causes not attributable to normal wear and tear; and (x) force majeure.

In addition,
(vi) support excludes any Error for which a correction is already available in a Software Release newer than that version currently operated by Customer if that subsequent Software Release has already been made available to Customer by SECURENVOY.

Support Ticket Severity

Severity LevelDefinitionExamples

A service failure or severe degradation.  Customer is unable to access any business resources or users are unable to access a critical business application

– Service is down and not accessible by users.
– Service is slowed to such a degree that multiple users cannot log in.
– Users cannot access an important business application e.g email, CRM or Payroll applications.

A partial service failure or mild degradation.  Customer is able to access some, but not all business resources.  Non-production instance of the service is unavailable.  Bug creating significant impact to existing service or application integration.

– Customer lacks write-access to the administrative console.
– Users can access SecurEnvoy, but access is slow, sometimes resulting in “page not found” messages or similar.

Minor service impact.  Non-critical bug.  Challenges with specific integration.  Customer is able to access almost all business resources.

– Non-critical individual third party applications are not accessible by users.
– One user is not able access a business application.
– Customer is unable to successfully integrate a new business application with SecurEnvoy.

Minor service impact or feature enhancement request.  Customer is able to access almost all business resources.

– Customer feature request or enhancement.

Standard Support Package – Response Times

Severity LevelFirst ResponseSubsequent Updates
P14 hours (9×5)Once per day (business day only)
P26 hours (9×5)Once every 2-3 days (business day only)
P38 hours (9×5)Once a week
P412 hours (9×5)Once a month

Advanced support packages available upon application.

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