For Macfarlanes


Macfarlanes were unhappy with their current two-factor authentication solution. High degrees of administration overhead and cost associated with replacing expired, lost and broken tokens; dealing with users who had forgotten their PIN or needed their token re-synchronising and the difficulty of managing users in two databases (Active Directory and the token system) caused them to seek an alternative solution.

“We investigated various offerings from Two-Factor authentication companies” says Maurice Millen, Head of IT for Marfarlanes. “We found only one could fulfil all of our requirements. The solution from SecurEnvoy eliminated most of our administration issues as it re-uses the existing users Windows password as their PIN, directly integrates with Active Directory and does not require any token distribution or replacement”.

Maurice continues: “We have a large number of existing token users and were concerned about moving users in one transition. SecurEnvoy’s SecurAccess solution deployed alongside our current system to allow for easy migration. As no additional hardware is involved with SecurEnvoy’s solution we realised savings of over 60% on the on-going costs of our existing token system.”

“The installation was executed by our own internal staff, as the software was easy to install and well documented. Our helpdesk and support teams found the administration easy to use and simple to navigate. The fact that our existing Microsoft Active Directory was the only user database required, provided us with a more elegant solution for managing our remote access environment”, Paul Cartwright. Senior Network Analyst, Macfarlanes.