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Enhancing Data Security at CuraMare with SecurEnvoy Data Discovery

SecurEnvoy helps Netherlands-based healthcare provider to enhance data visibility, improve compliance, and streamline data management processes.


About the Company

Netherlands-based healthcare provider CuraMare is dedicated to enhancing the physical and mental health and wellbeing of elderly and vulnerable people for their entire life journey from cradle to grave. Their personalised care plans are tailored to meet the needs of each individual through a holistic approach to medical and nursing support as well as rehabilitation and compassionate care.

The organisation manages all IT for the Van Weel-Bethesda Hospital and also supports ongoing education and training for its staff to ensure they remain at the forefront of healthcare practices and can deliver the highest standard of care. CuraMare’s IT department is responsible for nursing homes and hospitals in 40 locations with 400 servers and more than 3000 employees. CuraMare continuously seeks to improve the quality of life for those they serve, through a community centric approach to healthcare.

Challenge – Locating and securing highly sensitive and confidential information

CuraMare faced a significant organisational challenge in locating and securing their sensitive data across their various files and servers. They had no pre-existing systems in place and lacked visibility of where confidential information was being held, posing potential risks to data security and compliance.

Without a robust solution to identify and manage these risks, CuraMare needed an efficient way to scan their files for sensitive data and mitigate potential security threats.

In response to their pressing need for a data discovery solution, CuraMare thoroughly researched various options available. They reviewed other Data Discovery solutions as well as DLP solutions, however the DLP solutions were ruled out due to the time required to set up the solution and the associated elevated cost. After testing several solutions including ManageEngine Endpoint DLP Plus and DataSecurity Plus, Spirion Sensitive Data Manager, Varonis Data Security Platform and Safetica, CuraMare found SecurEnvoy Data Discovery to be the ideal solution for their needs.

The benefits of SecurEnvoy’s Data Discovery solution were recognised, encompassing the fully automated process across multiple sites, but the decision was swayed by its affordability, ease of use and speed of implementation.

Speaking of the implementation process, Robèrt Bartels, Teamlead and Senior System Administrator at CuraMare commented,

“We were so pleased with the incredible service from SecurEnvoy and impressed by how swiftly their Data Discovery solution was deployed and configured. Within just one day our security department was able to thoroughly test the product and we knew that it would be the perfect fit and help us to improve our data landscape.”

Result – Rapid, secure and fully-compliant data discovery

Following the implementation of the SecurEnvoy Data Discovery solution, CuraMare experienced significant improvements in its data security position. The organisation is now able to rapidly scan files enabling them to promptly identify and address areas of concern. This increased visibility allows the team to confidently remove data that does not need to be on the file servers.

“The ease of use and efficiency of SecurEnvoy Data Discovery means that our team is much more aware of data protection best practices and can streamline our data cleanup processes. The simple user interface is extremely easy to use, and our team can now take action and track the data which significantly reduces manual work and eliminates risk, keeping CuraMare fully compliant.” Continued Robèrt.

The adoption of SecurEnvoy’s Data Discovery solution has simplified processes for CuraMare and the organisation now benefits from enhanced data visibility, improved compliance, and streamlined data management processes.

By deploying SecurEnvoy’s innovative solution, CuraMare remains committed to upholding the highest standards of data security and privacy within their organisation.


Solution Highlights

  • Enhanced data visibility
  • Fully compliant systems and processes
  • Simple user interface
  • Rapid implementation and configuration

SecurEnvoy Customers

Within just one day we knew that it would be the perfect fit and help us to improve our data landscape.

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