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Flexible Access Management Security that allows you to select the deployment method that is right for your organisation

Choosing Control Over Cloud

In today’s rapidly evolving digital era, the shift towards cloud-first strategies is unmistakable. However, amidst this cloud-centric transformation, a significant number of customers still lean towards retaining full control over their data and systems. This preference isn’t just a matter of comfort; it’s rooted in various critical factors ranging from stringent legislative and compliance requirements to the pursuit of cost-efficiency. While the allure of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions is undeniable, offering convenience and scalability, there remains a compelling case for hosting Access Management solutions in-house, within one’s own data centres. Let’s take a close look at the reasons for this preference and explore why, in certain scenarios, the traditional approach still holds a strong appeal in the face of cloud dominance.

Introducing Access Management Security from SecurEnvoy

Exploring the SecurEnvoy Access Management solution is like to stepping into the future of business security. This solution isn’t just about safeguarding your digital assets; it’s a comprehensive solution for securing the full expanse of your business. Whether you’re integrating SAML2 to protect your cloud applications – both third-party and in-house – or bolstering your VPNs, firewalls, and other network essentials with RADIUS Authentication, SecurEnvoy can support you. And there’s more.Imagine logging into your Windows systems with the assurance provided by robust multi-factor authentication. Envision setting up intelligent, tailored access policies that adapt to your specific requirements, all while maintaining user-friendliness thanks to Passwordless Authentication options like FIDO2. This isn’t simply security; it’s Access Management security made seamless.But what truly sets it apart? Flexibility. The SecurEnvoy Access Management Security Platform adapts to the unique demands of your business. Keen on a cloud-based approach? The SaaS solution, hosted in a public cloud, is at your service. Prefer to keep things closer to home? Deploy it in your private cloud or opt for a complete containerised on-premise solution – ideal for those who desire ultimate control and top-tier security for their data centres. And for those who’d rather leave the technicalities to the experts, SecurEnvoy’s Managed Service option allows you to outsource the operational aspects to skilled partners.Let’s explore the flexible deployment options offered by the SecurEnvoy Access Management Platform. It’s not just about selecting an access management security solution; it’s about choosing a security partner that flexibly fits the unique contours of your business.

Flexible Deployment Options for SecurEnvoy Access Management Security

Access Management Deployment Options

Public Cloud – SaaS

SecurEnvoy caters to the evolving needs of cloud-first businesses by offering its Access Management Platform as a fully managed SaaS solution. This approach is especially advantageous for organisations looking to lighten their operational load. By entrusting the technical complexities to SecurEnvoy, key stakeholders can redirect their focus towards other critical business objectives. Currently, the platform leverages Microsoft Azure’s robust infrastructure for high scalability and flexibility. A standout feature of the SecurEnvoy SaaS solution is its global accessibility. No matter where your team is located, they can seamlessly access the platform from any corner of the world, ensuring efficient, low-latency interactions. This worldwide reach not only enhances productivity but also ensures that your organisation stays connected and secure, regardless of geographic boundaries.

Private Cloud

SecurEnvoy Access Management broadens its hosting versatility, offering a Private Cloud solution not just limited to Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS VPCs, but also compatible with other cloud platforms. This flexibility allows customers to leverage the comprehensive features of the Access Management platform while maintaining enhanced control and heightened security within their chosen private cloud environment. This option is particularly advantageous for organisations with specific data residency and sovereignty concerns, often associated with public cloud solutions, as it provides the autonomy to directly oversee where data is stored and processed.In the landscape of stringent regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), a common focus is on precise data handling and residency. These regulations highlight the need for proper data management and processing. SecurEnvoy’s private cloud deployment, with its wide-ranging cloud provider compatibility, offers an effective solution to these regulatory and compliance challenges.Additionally, opting for SecurEnvoy’s Access Management Platform in a private cloud allows organisations to tailor their infrastructure according to specific operational needs and requirements. This customisation capacity ensures that organisations can fine-tune their security and infrastructure frameworks to align perfectly with their unique business strategies and objectives.

Datacentre – On-premise

Organisations operating within highly regulated sectors, or those with a heightened focus on security, often find themselves in need of solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into their own secure datacentres. Alongside this requirement, there’s a noticeable trend among businesses to repatriate their solutions from cloud deployments. This shift is often prompted by factors such as unforeseen costs associated with cloud services or a strategic desire to regain more direct control over their technological infrastructure.In tune with these changing requirements, SecurEnvoy has developed a containerised iteration of its Access Management solution, designed for versatile deployment. This version can be efficiently deployed using either Docker or Kubernetes, and is compatible with both Linux and Windows operating systems. Such flexibility facilitates on-premise deployment in the precise location needed, addressing specific security concerns and any data sovereignty compliance requirements with ease.For organisations intent on gaining complete control over their technology infrastructure, this deployment option presents an ideal solution. It not only aligns with stringent security and regulatory demands but also offers the adaptability and precision control necessary for today’s complex IT environments.Read our on-premise MFA guide for when cloud isn’t an option >

Managed Service Provider

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are presented with extensive flexibility and customisation options when deploying the SecurEnvoy Access Management Solution. Whether opting for a Public Cloud SaaS model, a Private Cloud setup, or an On-Premise Datacentre configuration, MSPs can seamlessly integrate SecurEnvoy’s access management security into their broader service offerings. Furthermore, MSPs have the opportunity to fully white-label the SecurEnvoy solution, providing a branded, cohesive offering to their clients that enhances brand presence and continuity.In addition to these customisation options, the SecurEnvoy MSP Edition employs a consumption-based billing model, aligning perfectly with the diverse demands and usage patterns of clients. This model ensures that clients are billed only for the resources they use, offering them financial flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Such an approach is especially advantageous for MSPs aiming to provide scalable, client-focused solutions, enabling them to deliver a fully managed access management service that is both adaptable to client needs and economically efficient.  Learn more >


SecurEnvoy’s Access Management solution is as flexible as it is powerful. It grants organisations the ability to safeguard their assets with the latest innovative authentication technologies, offering a range of deployment options to suit their preferences. Whether you opt for a convenient SaaS solution, secure private hosting within your organisation’s cloud infrastructure, an on-premise deployment in your datacentre for maximum security, or even entrust SecurEnvoy Approved Managed Service Providers to host the service for you, rest assured that there is a deployment option perfectly suited to your business needs.

Published: 4 Januar 2024

Category: Product Updates

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