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SecurIdentity MFA Benefits

Mobile phone based Tokenless® two-step verification for remote access.

Passwords aren’t strong enough to protect company data from the other 3 billion users online. Two factor authentication provides the strength of security needed to protect you. By leveraging something the user already has, SecurIdentity MFA allows a seamless and cost effective solution for Two Factor authentication to be implemented.

  • On premises software or hosted via managed provider
  • Use your phone or device as the authenticator
  • Easiest 2FA logon experience in the industry
  • Automatically deploy users via LDAP group membership
  • Deployment can scale to 100,000 users per hour
  • Fixed yearly cost, pay per user, with no hidden extras
  • Putting the user in control, move seamlessly between devices.
  • Halve your cost of tradition hardware token alternatives
  • Reutilise existing AD (LDAP) database.
  • Widest variety of tokenless types
  • Integrates with leading VPN, Web and Cloud providers

SecurIdentity MFA Overview Video

Authenticate On Any Device, Anywhere

End user experience is key. SecurIdentity MFA’s patented methods resolve these issues by utilising:

  • Passcodes that can be sent by secure email
  • Soft Token apps for every device
  • Voice Call with passcodes entered in the phone’s keypad to session lock the voice network with the Internet
  • Real Time SMS Passcodes sent on-demand and session locked
  • Pre-loaded one time passcodes
  • Three pre-loaded one time passcodes within each message
  • Reusable passcodes that change each day or multiple days
  • All methods available for online or off-line authentication

Award Winning End User Experience

SC Magazine stated “The jury was particularly impressed by the solution’s ease of use and the range of channels available for distributing the numeric passcode” and gave SecurIdentity MFA the industry “Best Buy” category.

Good security shouldn’t add complexity, SecurIdentity MFA is designed to keep authentication as easy as possible by:

  • Reusing the existing Microsoft (or other directory) password instead of a PIN
  • Dynamically updating the previous SMS message; no need to delete old text messages (pre_loaded and day codes)
  • Optional flashing of the message directly to the main screen (real time codes)

Self Help Desk

A self help web interface is included to allow users to request a temporary passcode should they lose their phones.

Benefits to Users

  • End user doesn’t need to remember an additional secret piece of information as they can reuse the Microsoft or LDAP password.
  • End users only needs to enter one thing they know rather than two pieces of information as many other 2 factor authentication systems require a separate PIN.
  • All a user needs to do is read an industry standard 6 digit passcode from their phone. The user does not need to perform any mathematical manipulation to derive their passcode.
  • End user does not need to carry additional authentication devices.
  • Dynamically updating the previous SMS message removes the need to delete old text messages
  • Soft Token application available to all smart phones and desktop/laptop environments

Benefits to the Business

  • Any mobile phone that can receive an SMS message is supported without any SMS delivery delay issues affecting performance. This approach expands the range of users to include not only internal staff but also third-parties and even consumers.
  • No token deployment or replacement costs.
  • No token resynchronisation or PIN resets reduces the cost of help desk administration
  • Deployment to thousands of users in minutes via SecurEnvoy’s deployment wizard cuts down the cost of deploying and supporting two factor authentications.
  • The personal security paid to a users mobile phone far exceeds that paid to a hardware token they are forced to carry. End users are more likely to notice their mobile phone has been stolen and more importantly are far more likely to report it missing. Therefore providing enhanced security to the business over token based solutions.