End to end identity and access management solution – built around a universal directory and enhanced with AI

SecureIdentity IAM provides enforcement of access decisions around applications and data repositories. By reading information from the Universal Directory it can make dynamic choices as to what programs a user is allowed to run and what file servers or cloud storage areas they are allowed to access.

This is enforced by a client on the endpoints that intercepts requests for access to applications or data areas and vetting them against the configured policy. If the action is allowed, the user experience continues as normal with no overhead. If the action is forbidden then access to the appropriate executable or DLL files is dynamically blocked regardless of how it is invoked.

Logs of all events are sent back to the platform’s event database to provide a forensic trail of activity. Ensuring that user activity can be fully tracked in the event of an incident to provide both the ability for machine learning from that activity and evidence in the case of disciplinary action being required.

Core features

Credential Management

Managing the identity of the users, the locations to be accessed and resources available resides within the secure credential management repository, a location for the storage of the user’s credentials, permissions and controls.

Adaptive Authentication

Adapting the authentication level to each circumstance. Already authenticated? Already on another service and been challenged by who you are? Recognised by what device you are using and what applications you are utilising? Then the authentication has already been served; then why ask again and again? Extended from the typical single sign on, adaptive takes it to the next level allowing users to seamlessly authenticate, access and utilise resources in recognition of a previous authentication combined with their location and type of known device.

User Activity Monitoring

Employees need to work smartly, efficiently and get to information swiftly. The nature of access in itself means the organisation should know where users are visiting, what applications are being used and who is staying within the parameters they have been set. To achieve this, a form of monitoring using boundaries of what can be and can’t be accessed is essential, for the smooth running and security of the enterprise.


Single Sign-On (SSO) provides a low friction user experience and delivers one-click access to cloud, mobile and legacy apps.

Access Management

Granular, policy driven application-level access controls. Manage and control access to applications either on an individual or group level.

Identity Database

Integration with a wide range of user repositories to create one global master directory. Centrally manage all users, groups and devices from one central console.

Simple and flexible IAM deployment

SecureIdentity IAM offers deployment options to suit any business, with a fully managed solution from SecurEnvoy to the ability to stand up multi-tenant cloud environments in your own environment or as an on premise private solution.

SecurEnvoy’s IAM solution integrates seamlessly with Microsoft’s Active Directory, Google Directory and enables Single Sign On across Open ID, SAML 2.0 or WS-FED compatible applications and sites. SecureIdentity IAM also supports various other technologies such as providing a Windows Logon Agent for physical device control and the ability to use many different software and hardware tokens to protect your identity.

Product Brochures

Get Gartner and KPMG’s thoughts and further overall insight into our Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform.

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