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Cybercrime 2.0 requires secure Cloud Computing 2.0. As the demand for increasingly complex passwords increases, the case for multi-factor authentication becomes stronger.

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United News Network Case Study

Collaboration is a key element of internal communication for UNN. Upwards of 20 call-centre agents log in remotely to a terminal server as a part of their day-to-day work. Authentication was historically via RSA token, which required employees to retain a physical token. Over time, token-based authentication was leading to an increase in costs and management time.

ProOffice Gruppen

Based in Denmark, ProOffice Gruppen includes a group of companies that specialise in E-learning and web development solutions across various industries.

Two-factor authentication using SMS is scalable, has a competitive pricing model, ensures business continuity and fits perfectly with our mission to provide quality, transparency and security.

Sascha Carroccio, Co-Founder Swiss Cloud AG

Technology organisations choose SecurEnvoy because we deliver
  • Technical excellence – split seed records, Active Directory integration
  • Support for all major technology platforms
  • The broadest range of tokenless solutions


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